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Rockefeller spent the first half of his life lost to money, and the second half of his life scattering thousands of dollars before returning to the right path in life. He earned at least a billion dollars in his lifetime, and donated $750 million. It took him a lifetime to find the world he had lost, where there was peace, happiness, health and longevity that money could not buy, and the respect and love of others. At the age of 98, Rockefeller had no regrets.

  We do not need to take the detours of Rockefeller's life to find the true meaning of life, as long as we are not far from the true beauty of life, not enslaved by money, then the world belongs to us. And the heart that is not tainted by the stench of copper will be like the crystal clear moon in the sky, and the beautiful world.

  Don't look for the only answer

  When we are faced with two equally important things, it is better to choose with your intuition. In life, some things are bound to be lost, to learn to bear the pain of loss. Instead of comparing rationally, it is better to make a decision when the time comes.

  The 14th century French scribal philosopher Blitain once told a philosophical story: a donkey stood between two piles of hay of exactly equal quantity, quality and distance from it. Although it enjoyed full freedom of choice, it was objectively unable to distinguish between the two piles of hay because they were absolutely equal in value, so it could not tell which pile was better to choose.

  The confusion and tragedy of the burro often afflicts human beings, especially those who are new to the world and lack social experience. When we are young, we like to ask why we do everything, and we have the good habit of asking questions without shame. But many things are more complicated the more you think about them, just like the western poison Ouyang Feng in "The Legend of the Shooting Hero", he repeatedly pondered "who I am". If everyone is so serious, will not live heavy up.

  You must have heard the story of the centipede. Centipede is with hundreds of thin feet wriggling forward. The philosopher frog saw the centipede, a long time to look at. Mind wondering: four legs are so difficult to walk, but the centipede actually has hundreds of legs, how it walks? This is a miracle! How does the centipede decide which leg to move first, then which leg to move, and then which leg to move? There are hundreds of legs! So the frog stopped the centipede and asked, "I'm a philosopher, but I'm confused by you, there's a question I can't answer, how do you walk? It's impossible to walk on so many legs!"

  The centipede said; "I've always walked like this, but who ever thought about it? Now that you ask, I have to think about it before I can answer you."

  This thought entered the centipede's consciousness for the first time. In fact, the frog was right - which leg should I move first? The centipede stood for a few minutes, unable to move, hobbled a few steps, and finally got down. It said to the frog, "Please don't ever ask another centipede that question again, I've always walked, it's not a problem at all, and now you're putting me through the wringer! I can't move, hundreds of legs to move, what am I going to do?"

  Choosing a partner

  Life is like this, there is no best, whatever satisfies you is the best.

  Three disciples of Socrates, the ancient Greek philosophical teacher, once asked their teacher how to find the ideal partner.

  Instead of answering directly, Socrates told them to walk along the ridge of a wheat field, allowing only one step forward, and giving them only one chance to pick the largest sheaf of wheat.

  The first disciple took a few steps and saw a large and beautiful sheaf of wheat, which he gladly plucked. However, as he continued, he found that there were many larger sheaves than the one he had picked, so he had to regretfully walk the entire distance.

  The second disciple learned his lesson, and whenever he was about to pick, he always reminded himself that there were better ones behind him. When he was nearing the end, he realized that he had missed all the opportunities.

  The third disciple learned his lesson from the first two, and when he reached one-third of the way, that is, he divided the three categories of large, medium and small, and verified whether he was right when he walked another one-third, and when he waited until the last one-third, he chose a beautiful wheat ears belonging to the large category. Although, this is not necessarily the largest and most beautiful one, but he was satisfied to walk the whole way.

  Plato said that a partner is our lost half, and that the choice of a partner must be made carefully. The first one made a rash choice before the whole journey, and regret was inevitable; the second one was too cautious and did not know satisfaction, so he did not find a satisfactory one until the end; only the last disciple, who was neither emotional nor fault-finding, but after rational thinking and comparison, chose the ears of wheat that satisfied him the most.

  Life is like this, there is no best, as long as you are satisfied is the best. But in your life experience is still shallow, still do not know what love is, do not blindly make a choice.

  At the right time, the right place, met the right person. Neither too early, nor too late, it just happens that you are here too.

  God will come to my rescue.

  Too many obstacles in life are caused by excessive stubbornness and foolish ignorance.

  In some small village, it rained very heavily and the flood began to inundate the whole village. A priest was praying in the church and saw that the flood was up to his knees. A lifeguard came to the church on a sampan and said to the priest, "Father, come up quickly! Or the flood will drown you!" The priest said, "No! I am convinced that God will come to save me, so you go ahead and save others."

  After a short time, the flood was already over the priest's chest, and the priest could barely stand on the altar. At that moment, another policeman came over in a speedboat and said to the priest, "Father, get up here or you will really drown!" The priest said, "No, I'm going to keep my church, and I'm sure God will come to save me. You'd better go and save others first."

  After another moment, the flood had submerged the whole church, and the priest had to cling to the cross at the top of the church. A helicopter came slowly, and the pilot dropped the ladder and shouted, "Father, get up here, it's your last chance, we don't want to see you drowned!" Still determined, the priest said, "No, I want to keep my church! God will surely come to save me. You'd better go and save others first. God will be with me!"

  The flood rolled in and the stubborn priest was finally drowned ...... Father went to heaven and was angry when he saw God and questioned, "Lord, I have devoted myself all my life to serve you with fear and trembling, why won't you save me!" God said, "How could I refuse to save you? The first time, I sent a sampan to rescue you, and you did not want it because I thought you were worried about the danger of the sampan. So, I thought you were anxious to come back to me so you could keep me company."

  In fact, too many obstacles in life are caused by excessive stubbornness and foolish ignorance. When others reach out for help, don't forget that they can only help if we are willing to reach out ourselves!

  Challenge your own weaknesses

  People do have unlimited potential!

  A music student walks into the practice room. On the piano, there was a brand new piece of music.

  "Super high ......" he muttered as he flipped through the sheet music, feeling as if his confidence in playing the piano had hit rock bottom and worn out. It's been three months! Ever since I followed this new teaching professor, I wonder, why does the professor want to fix people in this way. He was barely able to pull himself together. He began to fight, fight, fight with his ten fingers ...... The sound of the piano drowned out the sound of the professor's footsteps walking outside the classroom.

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