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A person who heard her complain said, "If you feel that you can't win from a high place, why not come down a little?" So the woman lowered her "altitude of flight" a little, meaning she no longer took a "bird's eye view" of men like an eagle flying high on wings - and immediately found herself with a lot of options.

  Sometimes, the good life is very close to you, but because you look far away, you miss it. There are times when life is much better when you just need to lower it a little, believe it or not.

  We don't need much, and sometimes too much material can become a burden to us. As the saying goes, "the right fit is enough, and if you want more, it's not a waste.

  A man fishing in the river, he caught a lot of fish, but every fish caught on a ruler to measure a measure. As long as the fish larger than the ruler, he threw back into the river.

  The bystanders saw it and asked, "Everyone else wants to catch big fish, why do you throw all the big fish back into the river?"

  The man said unhurriedly, "Because my pot is only as wide as a foot and too big to hold the fish."

  Not to let the endless desire to seize their hearts, "enough is enough" is also a good attitude to life. It is a terrible sight when people gobble unrestrainedly in the all-you-can-eat buffet. It is also an important practice to take what you have enough of and not to be greedy.

  The final choice of a dead prisoner

  Please transplant my kidney to that female college student, she is still young, she is still wonderful, she still has a lot to do, her life should not be so short, let me, a guilty man, do one last thing for her young life.

  All morning, the death row inmate stood in the iron gate, looking at the world outside through the iron fence. The caretaker came over and asked the death row inmate, "Three days to go, do you have any last requests?" The death row inmate said, "Can you give me some newspapers to read?"

  Death row inmates are the first to read the newspaper to make a fortune, it is also a very accidental opportunity. Once tired of walking, sitting on the road, picking up a rag newspaper, saw a rich news, the death row inmate went to do, gradually deviated from the original track, the more deviated.

  The caretaker brought a pile of newspapers to the death row inmate, who looked at the newspapers carefully, next to the last days of his life, when suddenly he was attracted by a message in the city's evening newspaper. The news said that a female university student of good character in a university in the city was suffering from uremia, and although life was running out for her, she was optimistic and insisted on studying in the hospital, which was very touching. The only way to save the female university student is to replace the kidney, but requires a large amount of medical expenses, the female university student has no money, and no one to provide her with a kidney source, she can only wait for the death day by day approaching ......

  The death row inmate suddenly shouted at the caretaker, the caretaker said unhappily: "What are you shouting at the end of your life?" The death row inmate calmed down and said, "I want ...... I want paper and pen, I want to write a suicide note." The caretaker brought the death row inmate several pages of paper and a pen, the death row inmate did not read the newspaper, began to pad the newspaper to write a suicide note, the death row inmate wrote.

  My mind is broken, my soul is twisted, my heart is black, but my kidneys are not broken, still young, and still have a strong life force. Please transplant my kidney to that female college student, she is still young, she is still wonderful, still very productive, her life should not be so short, let me, a guilty man, do one last thing for her young life. I know that transplanting a kidney still needs a lot of money, I have a deposit is not the proceeds of my crime, I earned with blood and sweat, is clean money, I give this deposit to this female student, as her kidney replacement medical expenses, if possible, let me before I die, look at this female student, perhaps this is my luxury ......

  Three months later, the evening newspaper published a news, about the content: the city suffered from uremia female college students transplant kidney successful, female students discharged from the hospital, back to college ...... one day evening, in a road to the west, burning a pile of evening newspaper ......

  Running a life with a voice

  If you can operate your strengths well and build self-confidence while looking at yourself, you can unveil a new chapter in your life.

  Einstein received a letter from the Israeli authorities in the 1950s, in which he was implored to become the president of Israel. Einstein was a Jew, and it would have been an honor for him to be the president of the Jewish state. Surprisingly, Einstein refused. He said: "I have spent my entire life dealing with objective matter, and I lack both the natural intelligence and the experience to handle administrative matters and to treat people fairly. Therefore, I am not suitable for such a high and important position."

  The great literary figure Mark Twain was once in business. The first time he engaged in typewriter investment, due to deception, lost $ 190,000; the second publishing company, because amateurs do not know how to operate, and lost nearly $ 100,000. Not only did he lose all the money he had earned over the years, but he also incurred a debt. Mark Twain's wife, Olivia, knew that her husband did not have the ability to do business, but had a literary talent, so she helped him to find the courage to pick up the spirit and return to the path of creative writing. Finally, Mark Twain soon got rid of the pain of failure and established a brilliant performance in literary creation.

  The trick in life is to manage your own strengths. This is because managing your strengths can add value to your life, and managing your weaknesses can devalue your life. Franklin said, "A treasure in the wrong place is a waste." That's what he meant. In the coordinate system of life, if a person stands in the wrong place, using his shortcomings instead of his strengths to make a living, it is very difficult and even terrible, he may sink in permanent humility and disillusionment.

  Therefore, it is quite important to maintain interest in a skill, even if it is not very elegant into the stream, but may be a great asset to change your fate. The same is true for choosing a career, you do not need to consider how much money the career can bring you, can not make you famous, the important thing is that you should choose the most can make you give your best, the most can make your character and strengths to get the full play of the career. Put yourself in the right position to run a reputable life.

  Ask yourself

  A person is very happy to be in a job that he or she enjoys in a short life. Never be presumptuous, don't be blindly impulsive, and don't insist on doing things that you may regret without permission. "Think twice before you act", the result will be better!

  Good Wishes

  More than ten years ago, in my drawing class, there was a very talented boy who was interested in drawing more and more, so he aspired to be an artist in the future.

  One day, he said to his father, "Dad, I want to enter the art department in the future."

  Snap! Before he finished his sentence, his father slapped him across the face: "You're going to starve to death!"

  He pressed his face and said defiantly, "Other people, Mr. Liu, are not yet art graduates, nor ......"

  Slap! Another slap: "You are not teacher Liu!"

  The young boy did not dare to say more, obediently obeyed his father's instructions, voted for the five-year college, studying electrical engineering.

  If I had not listened to him back then

  20 years have not seen, this spring, suddenly received a phone call from him, so invite him to lunch.

  Sitting across from me, he was no longer a boy, but a 35-year-old "big boss" with several hundred employees in the United States.

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