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Stay true to yourself!" That was the phrase! In that moment, Edith realized that the reason she was struggling so much was that she had been trying to make herself fit into a mold that didn't fit her.

  "Overnight my whole thing changed," Edith later recalled.

  "I started staying true to myself. I tried to study my own personality, my own strengths, learn as much as I could about color and dress, and try to dress in a way that suited me. Take the initiative to make friends. I joined a club organization - a very small club at first - and they made me participate in activities that freaked me out. But every time I spoke, I gained a little more courage. All the joy I have today is something I never thought possible to get. In raising my own children, I also always teach them what I learned as a result of my painful experience: 'No matter how things are, always stay true to yourself.'"

  Always inspire yourself

  "You don't have to run behind anyone!" Once you decide from the inside that you want to come first, then you will be more motivated.

  You must learn from Richard Paddy and Kianler and believe that you are number one. Can someone who doesn't even believe in himself expect others to believe? The person who inspires you is precisely yourself.

  Richard Paddy was the most decorated race car driver in the history of the sport. When he came back from his first race to report the results to his mother, the scene had a big impact on his success.

  "Mom!" he called out as he burst into the house, "There were 35 cars in the race and I ran second."

  "You lost!" His mother replied.

  "But, Mom!" He protested, "Don't you think it's great that I ran second on my first try? Especially with so many cars in the race."

  "Richard!" She said sternly, "You don't have to run behind anyone!"

  For the next 20 years, Richard Paddy dominated the racing world. Many of his records still stand to this day, unbroken. He never forgot his mother's advice - "Richard, you don't have to run behind anyone!"

  Yes, "You don't have to run behind anyone!" Once you decide from the inside that you want to be first, then you will have more motivation.

  Do you dare to say "I'm number one" in life? It is not difficult to answer this question. If you are a person who desires success and realizes that being personality-centered is the foundation of success, answer, "Of course, I'm number one." If you want to remain a bit of a humble gentleman, you can also answer, "Not number one." But without missing a beat, add, "It's a tie for first."

  Why does it have to be number one? Because you are supposed to be number one. At the very least, you need to sow in your consciousness the confidence to compete for first place, so that your personality will really mature. Remember! Life requires character.

  Countless successful people have claimed to be the number one person. The key is that they did achieve personal success. The story of Kianler must be an inspiration to you.

  Keanler came to the United States from Italy with his mother when he was very young, and spent a miserable childhood in the Motor City of Detroit, where pain and low self-esteem became his bad marks. His unproductive father told him, "Resign yourself to your fate, you'll never amount to anything." This advice depressed him, and he kept thinking about his miserable future. One day, his mother told him, "No one in the world is like you, you are unique." From that moment on, the fire of hope was kindled in him, and he decided that he was number one and that no one could compare to him. Self-confidence laid the foundation for success. The first time he applied for a job, when the secretary of the company asked for his business card, he handed over an ace of spades and immediately got an interview. The manager asked him, "You're the ace of spades?"

  "Yes." He said.

  "Why is it the ace of spades?"

  "Because the ace stands for first, and I happen to be first."

  In this way, he was hired.

  Want to know what happened to Kianler? He succeeded and really became the number one in the world. He sold 1,425 cars a year, setting a Guinness record. How about that? The power of the first powerful, right? Kianler has to repeat several times a day before going to sleep, "I'm number one." Then he goes to sleep. This inspirational cue strengthened his confidence and courage. His personality was powerfully strengthened.

  Don't ignore your rights

  Many people are in the same situation. They think that where they are "shown" is where they must stay for the rest of their lives, not understanding that they can enjoy many of the same rights as everyone else. Success is something to seek, to share, to find a way to get closer to.

  Never lose sight of your rights, especially when trying to "control your destiny"!

  In the early 20th century, an Irish family was emigrating to America. They were very poor, so they worked hard and saved money for more than 3 years to buy tickets for the boat to America. When they were taken below deck to sleep, the family thought they would have to stay below deck for the entire trip, and they did, eating only the few cookies they brought on board to feed themselves.

  Day after day, they watched with jealousy as the first-class passengers ate lavish meals on deck. Finally, when the ship was about to dock at Alice Island, one of the children of the family became ill, and the father went to the waiter and said, "Sir, please, can you reward me with some leftovers so that my child can eat?"

  The waiter replied, "Why do you ask that? You can eat these meals too."

  "Is that so?" The man replied, "You mean we can all eat well for the entire voyage?"

  "Of course!" In a surprised tone, the wait staff said, "These meals are also served to you and your family throughout the voyage; your ticket only determines where you sleep, not where you eat."

  Finding a unique means of competition

  To get a foothold in the fickle modern world, it's not enough to learn books like math; it's not enough to simply copy the experiences of others. Bill Gates said, "Modern operators must open their brains and seek their own unique means of competition in order to win in the fierce struggle."

  I'm sure you've read the following interesting story.

  Three economists and three mathematicians traveled together by bus. three mathematicians bought three tickets, while three economists bought only one ticket.

  The mathematicians asked, "How can 3 of you use only 1 train ticket to travel? You will be fined for sure!" The economist laughed but did not say anything.

  The ticket inspector went into the carriage to check the tickets, and the 3 economists hid together in the bathroom, and when the inspector came to the bathroom door, he knocked on the door and said, "Please take out your tickets." The bathroom door opened just a crack, and an arm stuck out from inside, holding a ticket. The conductor took the ticket and went on to somewhere else.

  The mathematicians thought this was a good idea, and when they returned 3 mathematicians also bought only 1 ticket, ready to do as they did, 3 economists knew but did not even buy 1 ticket.

  "How can you guys ride without buying even 1 ticket?" The bewildered mathematician asked. "Just wait and see." The economist replied.

  After getting on the bus, the 3 mathematicians saw the ticket inspector coming and hid in the bathroom. Soon they heard a knock on the door and the mathematicians handed out the 1 ticket they had bought. After a while there was another knock on the door, and the 3 mathematicians could not get the tickets were chased to make up the tickets. It turned out that the economist, once he saw the mathematician enter the restroom, knocked on the door to take away the mathematician's 1 ticket, and then the 3 economists wisely hid in another restroom.

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