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So why do people prefer to get on base or do basic hitting when they have the potential to complete a home run? The possible reasons are.

  ① they do not believe they are capable of hitting home runs on their own.

  ② they don't know how to do the home run.

  ③ They don't want to take the risk, so they replace the home run with a normal hit or run.

  These three reasons make people shy away from their own lives and jobs.

  Bibeau, on the other hand, was different. He loved statistics, and when he discovered that, for statisticians, only 3 percent of the population used goal-setting to reach their goals - on average, the 3 percent who succeeded were twice as numerous as those who didn't - Bibeau insisted on joining the 3 percent club, and Bibeau set the goal of making himself the best baseball player in his lifetime. And he did it.

  A Brand New Car

  Many people fail to do better in life not because they are not capable enough, but because they are too afraid to think and put in the effort to do so. Remember: You can achieve your goals if you are willing to commit and take the right actions.

  One day, Kampt decided to quit his job and go out on his own. It was on this day that his colleagues laughed at him. That day, when Kampt was driving home, his car began to smoke and make strange noises. Kampt stopped in front of a garage and asked a mechanic to help him check it out. He called out several other mechanics and finally said to Kampt, "Start the car."

  And Kampt did. What they said next hit Kampt hard: "You need a new engine."

  Kampt looked at his bankbook, which only had $200 left, and asked, "How much will that cost?"

  They told him it would cost about $3,000, and they suggested to Kampt that he "might as well buy a new car."

  They introduced him to a car dealer who was about to sell his car at a reduced price, so Kampt began a difficult journey to buy a car.

  It was one of the longest journeys Kampt had ever taken. His car was smoking, and people were honking their horns. The car was running so slow that he was creating a traffic jam. How embarrassing for Kampt! But on the way, he wrote on a note: "My goal is to get a brand new car, and it won't cost a penny!"

  Finally, Kamput arrived at the car dealership and took a long turn to the side door to avoid being distracted by the sight of his smoking car. Kampt parked the car and walked in. He walked into the car dealership with a strange confidence because he really believed he would achieve his goal of getting a new car for free. Kampt didn't know why this was the case, but he believed he could achieve it.

  A salesman approached and introduced Kamput to the various styles of new cars. Kamput looked and looked and looked until he saw a luxury car he wanted. The salesman's next words tested Kamput's resolve and dealt him another blow: "Do you have anything to pledge as collateral?"

  Kampt muttered, "I have an A280Z sports car."

  The salesman said, "Great, let's go and take it for a test drive."

  At that moment, all Kamput could do was take a deep breath, hand him the car keys and start praying! He walked out to the car, opened the door, and put the key in the ignition.

  At that very moment, something strange happened, the ignition switch didn't move. The ignition switch was stuck! He tried and tried, and Kamput also went up and tried, but it still didn't work. Then he got the best mechanic and tried again. Finally they said there was no way to turn the key, but the car looked good and they were willing to deal with him. That day, Kampt drove a brand new car out of there - without spending a dime and with a free set of car mats!

  Why did this opportunity arise then? Kampt didn't know what the chances were, but he believed that if he had given up when the guy told him he had to get a new engine, then the chances were zero.

  But it didn't end there. The next morning, Kampt woke up and realized that he had gotten so excited that he had forgotten the fact that he had left the dealer with a useless car, a car with a broken engine. Kampt knew he couldn't just start his new business - a business that required him to talk to people about integrity and character.

  Kampt got up, drove back to the dealership, walked up to the sales manager, handed him the keys, and said to him, "Sir, I was so excited yesterday that I forgot that the car I left had a defective engine. I returned the new car. I want to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please issue a mileage slip for my old car."

  Stunned, the sales manager said, "I can't believe you're back! Can't believe it! My friend, I appreciate you coming back to trade in your car, but this is not necessary. Look, the engine in that car of yours isn't broken ...... it just needs a little oil!"

  Not looking for the best

  As the highest animal on earth, greed may also be the greatest, obviously happiness in the hands, but the borderline reverie, there may be better, so they will give up the happiness already in the hands to pursue the illusory happiness. We must remember: the most love is the best.

  Xiao Ping has been dating his girlfriend Yin for some time, he feels he has found a grass that can warm his life, so he solemnly announced to his friends and family that he is getting married.

  Unexpectedly, many people came forward and said to him seriously and solemnly: "Marriage is a lifelong matter, how can you just make the first one to draw a hasty conclusion; you should make multiple choices and pick the best one. You ...... that last long sigh of infinite regret and helplessness, as if to confirm that he, the obsessive 'lover' will certainly regret later."

  However, Xiao Ping did not listen to these, he got some inspiration from a friend. One of Ping's friends, who has had no less than a dozen girlfriends, is still struggling to find one, saying he must find the best. However, five years have passed and he is still alone.

  Therefore, Xiao Ping decided, in the issue of marriage, they "do not seek the best", he thinks, do not seek the best, in order to sincerely love a person, if all day long to their lovers to confess how deep their love, but the mind is always fantasizing about a day in some place with a more beautiful woman encounter, this love can be called its love? It is just a dried up seed that will never be favored by the soil of love.

  The best way to accept your loved one calmly and openly is not to seek the best. This kind of love, plain but deep, although admittedly not the best, but still to love, which itself does not reflect the simplicity and purity of love?

  The best is not to seek, is also a kind of calm and quiet mind, quiet can be far; this mind contains the love will accompany you through the storms of a lifetime.

  Change your fate with attitude

  If you turn your back on the whole world, the whole world will turn its back on you. Fate is unchangeable; all that can be changed is our attitude toward it. However, as long as we can treat fate with a proper attitude, fate is not such a terrible thing.

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