• Confessions of a wife-woodmam

    Confessions of a wife-woodmam

    Goddard has had 18 death-defying experiences on his journey to achieve his goals. "These experiences have taught me to appreciate life a hundredfold and that I want to try anything I can do." He says, "People often live their whole lives without ever showing great courage, strength and stamina. But I've found that when you think you're going to be finished anyway, you suddenly...
  • Seeing yourself through the eyes of others-woodmam

    Seeing yourself through the eyes of others-woodmam

      Later, even Coca-Cola consulted him, and Ziman said, "I never dreamed Coca-Cola would call me back." Management told him that they needed someone to help overhaul the business. Coca-Cola president Roberto Gosset said, "We have always tolerated mistakes, so we gradually lost our ability to compete, and one is only likely to fall when one acts."  See yourself through the eyes of others  You must step...
  • Risk-taking-woodmam


    Conversely, the quite productive are happy to work hard, but with strict limits. For them, work is not everything. They know how to relax and unwind after work. They are able to leave their work in the office. They have close friends, a good family life, and can spend a lot of time with their children or loved ones.  Choose a career you love  My old...
  • Learn to change yourself-woodmam

    Learn to change yourself-woodmam

    The sixth roadmap is: enthusiasm. The more I experience, the more I can be sure that enthusiasm is a secret to the road to success, both the successful and the unsuccessful, who often have abilities, talents and wisdom that are not very different from each other. If two people work at the same level, and the one who is enthusiastic will find that the...
  • What is a valuable asset-woodmam

    What is a valuable asset-woodmam

    Franck graduated from West Point, where he was captain of the baseball team and planned to make a lifelong career as an officer. But now, it seems, retirement is the only option. He knew that severely wounded NCOs rarely returned to operational duty.  After the surgery, Franck's greatest sorrow was that he had lost all of his grit on the baseball field. At the weekly...
  • Confidence in Success-woodmam

    Confidence in Success-woodmam

    This "thinking method" is actually a self-confidence.  The confidence to succeed  "One of the best ways to build your confidence is to receive it from others."  Every day, many young people around the world start new jobs, "hoping" to rise to the top and enjoy the fruits of success that come with it.  But most of them don't have the necessary confidence and determination, so they don't reach...
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