The "Three Keys" for parents to criticize their children-Woodmam


The purpose of criticism is to make children responsible for their own faults and to cultivate a sense of responsibility, and the purpose of education is for children to learn self-management and develop self-control, so in order for children to develop a good personality and behavior, mothers and fathers must use criticism when necessary.
Most 7-year-olds are very energetic, naughty, and active, and it is inevitable that they will do something out of the ordinary, which can easily attract criticism from mom and dad. It's true that sometimes criticizing your child can prevent him or her from making the same mistakes again, but criticizing your child can easily cause him or her to be fearful and emotionally depressed.

1. To avoid regularity. When parents say the child is not doing the right thing, the child is always not very happy, and sometimes even cries, if the child is not right that is not right, it will strengthen the child's rebellious spirit, sulking all day. Some studies have shown that children who love to laugh are smarter, and when children live in a relaxed atmosphere, it is easier to enjoy the joy of childhood.  
2. Be tactful and indirect. Children do not know much about the world yet, and many of their wrongdoings are out of curiosity, so even when you have to criticize your child, you can point out your child's mistakes politely through some of your child's favorite story characters, and your child will easily accept them and feel that mom and dad are funny. For example, mom and dad can say, "The bear is drawing by himself, will you draw by yourself too?" The little rooster is grabbing other people's worms to eat, do you think it has any manners?"  
3. Be reasonable and justified. When singing "white face", mom and dad should be pleasant and reasonable. Use the language that the child can understand to explain to the child why they will be criticized, and what should be done to avoid the child being confused. In this way, the baby will obediently accept the parents' criticism and correction of mistakes.

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