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The highly flexible synthesis and complementarity of thinking is an important feature of their thinking, such as the complementary synthesis of subconscious and explicit, logical and non-logical, abstract and figurative, etc.

  (3) Method

  A long thinking and to

  Refers to the thinking subject in a long period of time to think about the situation, but not, temporarily put the subject on hold, and turn to activities unrelated to the study. It happens that in the process of "not thinking", the answer or clue is inadvertently found, and the research project that has been pending for a long time is completed.

  B. Surprise in Dreams

  A dream is a special reflection of the subject's object reality expressed by passive imagination and ideas, and is a dramatic result of the excitement of a few nerve cells in the overall inhibited state of the cerebral cortex. Not all people's dreams have creative content. Dreams are also reserved for those "prepared scientific minds".

  C. Free reverie

  Scientific free reverie is a conscious abandonment of rigid, conservative habits of thought by the researcher to freely combine and assemble the vast amount of information in his or her memory according to a certain random procedure around the subject of scientific research. After several times, even months or years of imagination and occasional logical reasoning, the researcher completes the study of a topic or a series of topics.

  D. Making sense of the situation

  There are countless examples of using this method in social activities. In other words, the act of doing something in the heat of the moment proves to be the right thing to do.

  E. New ways of doing things

  In the process of scientific research, the subject of thought does not change the content of the subject and the center of excitement, but the search for a solution is shifted to a different direction from the original solution due to the researcher's initiative.

  F prototype revelation

  In the case where the trigger is almost identical to the structure or shape of the object of study, the well-prepared researcher, once exposed to these things, can make an association and derive the design configuration of the new invention directly from the objective prototype.

  G. Generalization

  People are occasionally inspired by established facts in other fields, and achieve success by analogy, association, and dialectical sublimation. The stone of other mountains can be used to make a good example. This often requires a deeper insight, the ability to bridge two apparently unrelated things, and to analyze them by analogy in terms of their internal function or mechanism.

  H Enlightenment

  The trigger for this kind of epiphany comes from the nudging of an external thought. It is obtained mainly through some explicit or metaphorical expression of language. Generally speaking, there are several conditions for the enlightenment in this method: one is "to seek", the other is "to be mindful", the third is "to be kind", and the fourth is "skillful breaking".

  I see the small and know the big

  From the ordinary things that others do not find strange, we can keenly find the first signs of new things, and continue to investigate until we make a certain creation. To see the smallest things, you must be able to see with your own eyes and think quickly.

  J. Encounter new signs

  An innovation obtained by inspiration that is not in line with the intended goal is an accident. Many researchers regard this kind of accidental gain as a "God-given opportunity", and some call it "hitting the wrong spot" or "hitting the right spot".

  Second, the importance of improving thinking power

  1. Thinking is the core of intelligence

  Thinking is the core of intelligence, is to examine the main sign of a person's intelligence. Engels hailed thinking as "the most beautiful flower on earth", all creative activities of people are related to thinking power. The progress of human beings is fundamentally the progress of human thinking.

  Whether a person can become a success, the most crucial thing is to be able to carry out effective thinking power exercise from childhood. Throughout the world, those who have made outstanding contributions, they all have one thing in common, that is, the thinking power is exceptionally agile. Edison, the king of inventions, was a brainy and thoughtful child from an early age. It can be said that whether for society or for individuals, thinking is as important as the soul.

  All human activities are based on thinking activities, no thinking activities are the same as the walking dead, not to mention any intellectual activities. Not only that, the simplicity and complexity of brain thinking directly determines the level of a person's intelligence, a person without good thinking quality, his level of intellectual development is not too high.

  2. The basic theory of improving thinking power (thinking training)

  (1) the breadth and narrowness of thinking training

  In a broad sense, it is prevalent in all aspects of people's lives, everyone from birth is receiving a variety of thinking training, whether it is a mother teaching her children to eat and walk, or teachers teaching students to write and draw; whether it is to accept a certain concept, or to develop a certain habit, in essence, is a mind thinking training.

  In a narrow sense, thinking training refers to a specialized type of thinking training, precisely refers to an advanced thinking training.

  To use a common metaphor, the broad sense of mind training is a child learning to scribble with the help of his mother, while the narrow sense of mind training is a student learning to draw and create under the guidance of a master. Although the essence of the two is the same, but the level is very different.

  (2) The fiction and reality of thinking training

  Many people in the first acquaintance with thinking training, think training thinking is very "false", neither like painting and typing as practical value, and not like learning mathematics language as visible knowledge accumulation. If we think because thinking can not be seen and touched and it will be seen as false, thinking training as useless, it is wrong.

  Thinking training may seem very vague, but it is real. In terms of usage, any practical skill training is ultimately a training of thinking. Painting itself is real, but if you do not master the techniques of painting and the laws of artistic creation and other imaginary things, it is impossible to paint good works. To learn and digest these techniques and laws is actually to receive a kind of training in painting thinking. From the level, the higher the level of intelligence training, the more it presents the characteristics of more imaginary and less real, the more the society develops, the more it needs people's abstract thinking to be developed.

  (3) The source and flow of thinking training

  Thinking training is currently the world's most popular and effective method of intellectual development, but it is not unique to the modern patent, the current thinking training is based on the latest scientific results of thinking and ancient mind training techniques. As early as the ancient Greek period, the famous philosopher Socrates created the famous "mind midwifery".

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