Casual Observation Method-woodmam

The fixed-point method is a method in which the observer selects an object that is in a relatively static state and observes it in a sequential manner. This object can be a famous monument, a building, an object or a certain kind of object. This method is usually used if the aim of the observation is to recognise the orientation, pattern, furnishings, structure and external features of the object.

  When using the fixed-point observation method, the first thing you need to do is to choose a good location, or foothold, for your observation. The foothold must not change and must be fixed at a base point. Photographers take pictures, painters paint, choose the lens and depict the object, are very careful to choose the foothold, the foothold is good or bad, often related to a photo, a picture of the success or failure. Observation activities are no exception. "If you look across the mountains, you will see different things from different heights". "If you want to see a thousand miles, you have to go up a level." Observing a scene is closely related to choosing a foothold. Therefore, it is important to choose the most ideal foothold according to the characteristics of things and the needs of observation, which is an important prerequisite for successful observation activities.

  All kinds of things are in a certain spatial position, so it is impossible for the observer to see everything at once and observe all the details at the same time, so when using the method of fixed-point observation, it is important to pay attention to a reasonable order of observation, which can be done in different orders such as from near to far or from far to near, from high to low or from low to high, from left to right or from right to left, etc.

  The point of fixed-point observation is to synthesise the connections between the various parts of the object of observation, so as to gain an accurate, comprehensive and profound understanding of the object of observation as a whole.

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