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Abstract generalization method

  The thinking that extracts the general, essential characteristics of things is called abstraction, and the thinking that associates general, essential properties and extends them to the same class of things is called generalization. The ability to abstract and generalize is an advanced form of thinking.

  To develop the ability of abstraction and generalization, children should be trained step by step from perceptual to rational, from concrete to abstract. For example, when children see adults, children, men, women, Chinese, foreigners, good people and bad people, parents should help them abstract the essential attributes of people from the many concrete people: they can talk, think and work, so that they can generalize the essential characteristics of people.

  Then, for example, children have been exposed to water, oil, milk, vinegar, etc. Parents should let their children abstract some essential properties of liquids, and then generalize the characteristics of liquids.

  Children learn mathematics, from the many examples of the formula, feel the law; learning language from the central idea of the article; learning physics, chemistry, from the phenomenon of the essential characteristics, are abstract and generalization training, parents should pay attention to this aspect of training for children.

  Comparison is a necessary prerequisite for abstraction and generalization. Parents should encourage their children to ask themselves three questions when things go wrong.

  Similar questions - what is this like?

  Related questions - what does this have to do with?

  Comparative questions - how is this different from the others?

  Learn to try to find new things in comparison and make this a habit of thinking. For example, by comparing what is an existing conclusion and what is not found by others. The result of doing this often is that the more you compare, the more you find new factors that others have not discovered, the more interesting you feel and the more you want to compare.

  Training in classification allows us to better understand and remember the properties of the essence of various concepts, so that we understand and master a concept not in isolation, but systematically, and can notice the interconnections between them.

  Comprehension method

  To improve thinking, it is necessary to train children to understand. Understanding is the ability to clearly point out what is essential in what one observes or knows, and to clearly articulate its causal connections. The signs of comprehension are.

  First, one can ask questions.

  Generally speaking, it is impossible to ask questions without understanding, or to ask questions indiscriminately.

  Second, the ability to explain.

  Can explain the causes and consequences of things, or state the basis for it.

  Third, know the meaning.

  Not only know the surface meaning of things, but also know the meaning.

  Fourth, to be able to apply.

  Some children seem to understand what they read in books or what their teachers say, but once they are asked to apply it, they are confused, that is, they do not really understand.

  How to deepen the understanding?

  First, good at linking new knowledge with old knowledge to form new connections. Parents should help their children often make the connection between old and new knowledge.

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