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Once upon a time there was a man who was lost in the desert, starving and thirsty, on the verge of death. But he still dragged his heavy feet, step by step forward, and finally found an abandoned hut. This house has been unoccupied for a long time, the wind and sun, rickety. In front of the house, he found a water sucker, so it was used to pump water, but no water dripping, he was very angry, and suddenly found a kettle next to the mouth of the kettle was corked, the kettle has a note, which says: you have to fill this kettle into the sucker first, then you can pump water. But be sure to fill the kettle before you go. He carefully opened the kettle, and there was indeed a jug of water inside.

  The man was faced with a difficult choice, should the jug of water be poured into the water sucker as stated in the note? If poured into the water does not come out, will not be a waste of this life-saving water? On the contrary, if the pot of water to drink will save their lives. A wonderful inspiration gave him the strength, he was determined to do as the note, and sure enough, the water gushed out of the suction device. He drank it with great pleasure! After resting for a while, he filled the jug with water, corked it, and added a few words to the note: Believe me, the words on the note are true, and you can taste the sweet spring water only if you treat yourself with integrity and treat others as well.

  That's right, if the person does not have the idea of honesty in his heart towards people and himself, and drinks that pot of water in order to save his own life, then not only will he not be able to drink a meal of spring water painfully, but he will also not be able to save the water of life for those who come after him.

  When a person does not keep his integrity, he is always doing what is good for him now. Putting one's comfort and ease first is always a short-lived, or at least then, pleasure. For, they have not yet discovered what damage dishonesty can do to them. From that point on, they become utterly faithless in their words!

  Second, start with the little things.

  Many people always think, for the important things promised, I will definitely do the word "integrity", but, no one is perfect, sometimes the small things in life can not be completely honest, it is also possible, right? Indeed, in life there are some people who repeatedly break their promises, they take their promises as a very casual thing, promised to promise, and simply do not want to achieve it. And even will think that this is the practice of smart people, only fools will adhere to the integrity.

  However, because it is a small thing, we need to take it seriously at the beginning, because if not, dishonesty will become a habit, and then once there is really something very important, the habit will make you dishonest again. By this time, you become a person with no integrity.

  One Sunday, my father, Song Yaoru, was preparing to take the family to a friend's house as a guest. Most of the children were dressed in their gowns and ready to go, but only Song Qingling was still playing at the piano. Her mother shouted, "Come on, children, Uncle is waiting for us!"

  Hearing her mother's shout, Song Qingling immediately closed the piano lid, ran out of the room, took her mother's hand and left.

  "What's wrong?" Father saw Qingling stop in her tracks and asked in disbelief.

  "I can't go to my uncle's house today!" Qingling said with some anxiety.


  "Mom, Dad, I promised Xiaozhen yesterday that I would teach her to fold flowers when she comes to our house today." Qingling said.

  "I thought there was something very important? Choose this well, and teach her later!" Father said, took Qingling's hand and left.

  "No way! No way! Xiaozhen will come and pounce, how bad would that be!" Qingling said as she pulled her hand back from her father's hand.

  "It doesn't matter. When you get back, you can go to Xiaozhen's house to explain and apologize, and then teach her how to fold flowers tomorrow. Besides, if Xiaozhen has long forgotten about it, you'll be waiting at home, won't you?" Mom said.

  "No, mom, don't you always say that one should be honest? I promised someone something, how can I just change it? Even if Xiaozhen doesn't come, I have to wait at home because that's what I have to do."

  "I see, our little Qingling is a child who keeps her word and can't eat her own words, right? I understand, our little Qingling is a child who keeps her word, so she can't go back on her word, can she?" Mom looked at Qingling and smiled, then said, "Okay, then you can stay."

  As soon as she entered the house, her father asked Qingling, "Where is your little friend Zhen?"

  Qingling replied, "Xiaozhen didn't come, maybe she had a temporary problem!"

  "She didn't come, so how lonely my little Qingling should be at home alone!" The mother said to her daughter heartily.

  "No, Xiaozhen didn't come, but I still had a good time because I did treat people with honesty." Little Qingling said.

  When dealing with these seemingly small things, you too will always hold the thought: It's not very important, just this once, he won't care, much less take it to heart. Because of this fluke, you will also become more aggressive up. The first few missed appointments, you may still have some guilt in your heart, will give each other a phone call to apologize. But later, you have become a dishonest "old grease", are too lazy to explain to each other. Or meet with each other to say: "next time, there is a chance I will how to how." In this way, you have given yourself a full justification.

  Third, control your mouth, do not say promises beyond your strength, if you think there is no way to do it now, do not say it easily.

  You told your friend you could skip the bus and ride your bike to school with him every day, but the next day you were too tired and slow to ride your bike to school and found an excuse to refuse, forgetting all about the way you were when you beat your chest and made a promise.

  You said it yourself, you should fulfill it, no matter what the cost. You have the ability to say such words, you have to have the ability to achieve it. If you can't achieve it, don't promise it in the first place. The villain who is faithless is the most abhorrent to everyone. You have to remember that people who keep their word will often forget their promises.

  But you did not, you first boast, tell everyone how capable you are, make all kinds of promises, temporarily won some face. But when it comes time to cash in, you repeatedly give yourself reasons, simply do not want to go or not able to achieve it. You tell yourself, this is not my part of the work, I do not have to do.

  In this way, you let everyone down again and again, they all know that you are a small person who only talks big, they will never deal with you again, so you have fewer and fewer friends.

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