Honesty is also an important rule. A society can only function well if it is honest.

  A Chinese student in Germany, who graduated with excellent grades, was rejected by many large companies when he went around Germany looking for a job, and chose a small company to apply for a job, but was still rejected. The international student wanted to know what made him get rejected. The German showed the international student a record that he had been caught evading the ticket three times when he took the bus.

  The German boss said.

  From your documents, it looks like you are really good, and we are in need of a capable person like you. However, we found out that you have been caught three times for fare evasion. The first time, when you were caught, you explained that you had just arrived here and you were not familiar with the rules of taking the bus, and the conductor believed you and just let you pay for the ticket. But then there were two more times. How do you explain that? Do we think a person who can't be trusted on a trifling matter can be expected to be trusted on anything else?

  The chance of being caught in a random check for fare evasion in Germany is generally three in 10,000, and this senior student was actually caught evading the ticket three times, which is probably unforgivable forever in the eyes of the strict Germans.

  So, in a mature society, as long as there is evidence that you are a person of good reputation, reputation is your passport.

  3. Self-reflection

  What rules did you learn in kindergarten?

  If you broke a traffic rule and were caught by the police, would you think that if your father was the traffic commissioner, the police would not have punished you?

  Late at night, there are only a few cars driving by on the road occasionally. At this time, if you want to cross the intersection, will you wait until the green light is on before you go?

  Have you ever skipped a ticket when you took a bus?

  Do you feel that your teacher is favorable to a certain classmate, and therefore you want to get favoritism from your teacher?

  If you violate discipline, are you willing to take the appropriate punishment, or are you willing to find ways to expect the teacher to let you off the hook, including promising not to do it next time?

  Do you always do what you promise others?

  Do you feel that those benefits that you seek through power are deserved? If you have the opportunity to use power to get some improper benefits, are you willing to use it?

  Fear of failure

  1. Definition and connotation

  Fear of failure means that when doing things, always look ahead and back, worrying that doing wrong will be punished by others, ridicule, etc., so that when doing things full of suspicion, trembling.

  In the journey from failure to victory there is a river, and that river is called abandonment; in the journey from failure to victory there is a bridge, and that bridge is called effort.

  Since ancient Greece, people have been trying to reach the goal of running a mile in four minutes. In order to achieve this goal, people have let lions chase runners and have drunk real tiger's milk, but they have not achieved the goal of running 1 mile in 4 minutes. So, many doctors, coaches and athletes asserted that it is never possible for a person to run a mile in 4 minutes. Because, our bone structure is not right, lung capacity is not enough, and the wind resistance is too much, there are many reasons.

  However, there is one man who first set the record of running a mile in 4 minutes, proving many doctors, coaches and athletes wrong in their assertions. That man was Roger Bannister. Even more amazing was the fact that one horse led the way, leading to a million other horses. The year after this, 300 more athletes ran a mile in under four minutes.

  With no major breakthroughs in training technology and no sudden improvements in human bone structure, how did what was thought to be simply impossible decades ago become possible? Bud because someone didn't give up trying, because of the power of example.

  The joy of success can only be achieved by not being afraid of failure. Some people have gained a lot of success, but they always live in depression, they do not see their achievements, only see themselves spending countless days and nights in fear in order to get those achievements. Some people are afraid of failure, not because they can't do it, but because the impact of failure is so great that when they can succeed, they stop trying: the

  George, the baby elephant, was naughty and always wanted to run around. The staff tied a thin chain to its leg, and the other end was tied to the iron bar.

  George the elephant was very uncomfortable with the chain, it struggled hard to break free, it had no choice but to move within the chain.

  After a few days, George tried to break the chain again, but it was not successful, so he sulked and settled down. Time after time, little George could not break the chain. Slowly, he stopped trying, he got used to the chain and looked at his parents, as if he was supposed to be this way.

  George grew up day by day, to its strength at this time, break the small chain simply effortless, but it never thought of doing so. It believes that the chain for it, unbreakable, this strong psychological implication has long been deeply implanted in its memory.

  Generation after generation, the elephants in the circus are chained by a small tangible chain and a large invisible chain, activities in a small fixed range.

  The fear of failure, and therefore the unwillingness to persevere, can bring all efforts to naught: the

  A man who quit smoking, he quit smoking for a day, it was hard, he thought: "I have only quit for one day, and it is so hard, God, if I can still live 10,000 days. I'll have to suffer for 9,999 days, forget it." This quitter is a loser. Think of it differently: "It's great that I quit on the first day. If I have 10,000 days to live, how nice it is to stick with it and start with success for the next 9,999 days." This quitter is then able to quit smoking day by day in a sense of accomplishment.

  Fear of failure makes him try everywhere, but in the end he achieves nothing. Life is funny like that. The path of life may seem like a winding one, but it is not. If you can do away with impatience, settle your inner world, hammer yourself and let yourself shine, you are not afraid that no one will find.

  There is a man who has always wanted to succeed, for this reason, he has done all kinds of attempts, but in the end, all ended in failure. He was so distressed that he ran to ask his father. His father was an old sailor, he said to his son meaningfully: to have a ship to come, you must build your own dock. The son listened to this and pondered for a long time. After that, he stopped trying around and settled down to study hard. Later, he not only went to university, but also became an enviable postdoctoral fellow. Many companies often called, hoping he would join them, and the pay was amazingly good.

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