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From this mythical story, we are inspired: every growing person needs good friends. A good friend is like a bright light in the progress, leading people to run faster to the goal of moving forward. That's why the writer Cervantes said in his famous book, "Those who make good friends become good people themselves."

  In habit development, it is equally important to find yourself a good friend. For our youth, parental role models are one aspect, but peer role models are also indispensable. Psychological research shows that for slightly older children, peer groups often have more influence on them than their parents. This is when the influence of peer partners may outweigh that of parents in the formation of various habits.

  Psychology also suggests that individuals sometimes selectively absorb and imitate particular people or objects through special psychological motivations. Psychology refers to this imitation as "homophily". Imitation is a tendency to absorb or conform to the attitudes and behaviors of another person or group. Adolescents often imitate and absorb the behavior of their favorite peers. For adolescents, it is more likely that they will have something to talk about when their peers are in a similar environment, experiencing similar things, saying similar things, and even watching similar programs. People's thinking, emotions and behaviors are often influenced by the outside environment, especially in early personality development, and learning what others say, do and think is an important way for individuals to socialize.

  In addition, the American scholar Harris also put forward the "group socialization development theory". According to this theory, in modern society, socialization outside the family occurs in the group learning during childhood. During the socialization process, children generally need to learn two sets of behavioral systems, one for adapting to life within the family and one for adapting to life in society. The family plays a greater role in the socialization process of children in the early stages, that is, the family plays a greater role in the initial socialization of children in their early years, while in the child's childhood and adolescence, the influence of the family is gradually weakening and fading, and the influence of the group is gradually increasing. Therefore, every child should participate in and identify with a social group so as to learn in the group how to behave in the social public.

  According to the above analysis, in the process of developing good habits, find yourself a good partner as a role model, and the process of interacting with small partners is also the process of constantly learning each other's good habits and good qualities.

  Second, the case

  When many people recall their student days, the most difficult to forget is often their own cute little friends, they used to be their rivals, but also their role models. One student recalls this.

  I had a few close friends who were also my academic rivals in high school. We all did very well in the college entrance examination and all of us went to major universities. When I think about it today, our success was due to the competitive and caring friendship that we cherished, so I want to thank my friends from high school.

  We all got into the only major high school in our area from a small county, and we were all the top students in the county, and we all did very well. After the second year of high school, most of us entered the science class, and the competition between us was even fiercer. Every exam, our total scores are similar, this time I am two points higher, the next time he is three points higher, we have become a veritable rival.

  My high school tablemate is named Zhao Liancheng, he also lives in a dormitory with me, we are inseparable every day, study, eat, sleep ...... all things together. We were the top two in the cultural course of the year, he was only 1.5 points higher than me. We were good friends and competitive rivals. He was better than me in English and math, and I was better than him in physics and chemistry, so we often discussed problems together. We help and encourage each other in our studies, and when one of us is having trouble in our studies, the other one always encourages the other one.

  Liancheng and I both like sports very much. He played table tennis professionally, and I was a novice, so we often ran to the table tennis room in front of the school on weekends to play a good afternoon of ball; I was a good soccer player, and he was a novice, so we often played soccer on weekends. Sometimes we were so happy that we forgot to eat, and when we missed the school dinner, we went to the restaurant outside the school to eat shabu-shabu or a big bowl of beef ramen. Every week was spent in this way, when we studied we compared to learn, when we played we also had to compete with each other, in the quiet time to do a summary, we advised each other, and were the most intimate friends.

  And Lian Cheng table for two years, which experienced countless exams. I remember our homeroom math teacher often came suddenly during the evening study period, with a serious face, and said to everyone: "First put away the things in your hands, let's take a test!" Every time this time, it was a battle between me and my desk. We always secretly race for speed during the exam, and race for scores on the results of the exam. Usually my speed was slightly faster than his, and his score was slightly higher than mine. Later, near the time of the college entrance exam, Lian Cheng was sick and hospitalized for a period of time, and a short time after being discharged from the hospital was the college entrance exam. The final results of the college entrance exam came down and I scored more than 50 points more than Liancheng, I went to Tsinghua and he also entered Shandong University. Now I am guaranteed to go to graduate school at Tsinghua, and Liancheng is also recommended to Nankai University for graduate school without examination.

  I admit that it was because of him as a competitive rival that I was more motivated in the boring study in high school, and because of him as a friend that I had encouragement and care in the fierce competition. I didn't have much contact with Liancheng during my four years in college, but every time I called, I felt the sincerity and truth of my friendship with him, and that friendship and care was the source of our progress. I will always be grateful to Lian Cheng, he was my best rival and friend in high school, I will always cherish the friendship with him, and I will always progress with my friend.

  It seems that the position of peer partners in one's study and life is very important. If there were no such a good partner as a role model, would the high school life of the main character in the above article be "lost" a lot?

  As it turns out, having a good peer role model is a lifelong benefit in many people's formative years. George Bernard Shaw once said, "You have an apple, I have an apple, exchange with each other, each person has only one apple. You have one thought, I have one thought, exchange them with each other, and everyone has two thoughts." There will always be times when a person's vision is narrow, if we can sincerely collaborate with friends and communicate with each other, we can take the strengths of others and make up for our weaknesses. Liu Bang once said: "I am not as good as Zifang in planning a tent and deciding to win a thousand miles away; I am not as good as Xiao He in town, caressing the people, giving pay and feeds, and not cutting off the grain road; I am not as good as Han Xin in even millions of people, and I will win in battle and take in attack. I can use all three of them, and this is why I have taken the world." If you can make full use of the favorable conditions around you with your peer role models, you will be able to create an atmosphere of you catching up with me and forming a broad-mindedness of the sea. This is not only a kind of learning and competition, but also a high level of life.

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