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Second, understand and appreciate the hard work of parents to earn money.

  An important reason why many students keep asking their parents to buy brand names, keep comparing themselves with their classmates and talking about the row, can't control to compare with others and show off to others, is that they don't know how hard it is for their parents to earn money. They think their parents' money is easy to come by, and some of them don't even know where their parents' money comes from.

  There is a senior elementary school student and his mother shopping in the store, fancy a very expensive thing, so asked his mother to buy it, and finally had no choice, the mother had to tell him that he did not have money, but the student said his mother's wallet has money, his mother took out the wallet to tell him that the money is not enough, he immediately said that the bank has money, when his mother told him that the bank's money is not his own family, the student how refused to When his mother told him that the money in the bank was not his own, the student refused to believe his mother's words.

  There are many such examples around us.

  There was another fifth grade student who was a very active student in his class. One day the teacher asked everyone to donate to the disaster area, so he stood up immediately and said to the teacher, "Teacher, our family has money, so I can donate." Then the teacher asked him, "Then how much are you going to donate?" He said out loud, "Donate 100,000." He knew that $100,000 was a big number that no other student would donate. So he went home that night and said to his parents, "Mom and Dad, I've told my teacher that I'm going to donate 100,000 yuan to the disaster area tomorrow, so you can give me the money today, and I'll bring it to school tomorrow." His parents were stunned to hear this. The 100,000 yuan is the money they are ready to decorate the house, but their son does not know the use of this money, and even more so, he does not know that this 100,000 yuan is the parents have worked hard for several years to save, in his eyes, parents seem to make money is very easy, because he has never seen his parents in front of him to talk about earning money is not easy. Just heard his parents mention the 100,000 yuan, so he promised to donate it. As a result, the parents were embarrassed to go and explain to the teacher.

  If we go deeper into our lives and understand how hard our parents usually work, and deeply appreciate how hard it is for them to live and work, we will have a more reasonable understanding of the use of money, which will also help us overcome the bad habit of spending money on that unnecessary blind comparison and showing off.

  Third, restrain our vanity.

  One of the major reasons for our blind comparison and showing off is vanity. Vanity will lead us to pursue those things that exceed our actual needs, to pursue some flashy things. For example, brand names. Overcoming vanity is essential to cut off the root of blind comparison and showing off from the mind.

  3. Self-assessment

  You never wear unbranded, big-ticket items.

  your stationery must be more advanced than most people in the class, and once you find your own is too outdated, you will ask your parents to buy a new one.

  you never know where the family's money comes from, much less what your parents' jobs really are

  You think your father is a big boss, he has a lot of money anyway, and you think you will never run out of it, so you never ask for the best, but the most expensive.

  When you buy clothes, you always want to buy those clothes endorsed by the most popular stars, so as not to be outdated.

  If the clothes are brand-name, shoes can not be no brand, even if they are domestic brand-name.

  the streets are now full of people with MP3 headphones on their ears, so although you can't use it, you must have your parents buy one, or you will be afraid of other students laughing at you.

  Other students' birthdays, less than 100 yuan gift you never send, because it is too degrading; if it is your own birthday, you must invite good classmates to a meal at a senior restaurant, or they are too humiliated.

  Second, laziness

  1. Concept and connotation

  The educator Sukhomlinsky said: "In our time, material benefits are constantly pouring into the lives of childhood, adolescence and youth, so that there is a danger that children and pioneering teenagers may lose the idea that these material benefits are created by labor, and do not even know where they come from. A very complex pedagogical and sociological problem now is to develop in children, adolescents, and young people attitudes toward material welfare." This problem is also a question that our contemporary schoolchildren have to face. The concentration is on a problem of laziness.

  A person's laziness is mainly manifested in the following ways.

  ① Not doing or lazy to do housework at all

  We will eventually have to leave our parents to live independently, now do more housework to develop the ability to take care of themselves, the ability to live independently in the future will be strong, otherwise it will only scratch blind. Although many chores will be socialized in the future, there are still many things that must be taken care of personally, so we need to consciously develop the ability to take care of themselves. Many people grow up to be teenagers, even pots and pans have not touched, basic knowledge of life is not, basic common sense of labor does not know, once the need to live independently, will be everywhere.

  ②Do not do what you can do

  Some lazy children find all kinds of reasons not to do what they can do. Their biggest reason is that it is not their own. For example, to loosen and fertilize the small trees and flowers in the garden, many people think that it is the gardener's job or their parents' job, and not their own flowers, so they are too lazy to do such things. There are some things that they can do and are related to themselves, but they are counting on their parents to do it, so they don't bother to do it. For example, hygiene at home is also something that every family member can do, even if primary and secondary school students can do limited, but wipe the table, wash the tea wai and so on, or can do. But lazy people do not do it, he thinks that parents do anyway.

  ③Do not do what you should do

  Many primary and secondary school students are too dependent on their parents, so they have developed lazy habits, one of the major manifestations is that they should be doing things themselves but do not do it, pushing it to others.

  For example, many of our peers, not to mention cooking and washing clothes, even before and after meals to wipe the table, to help parents end the plate also do not do, waiting there to eat ready-made; others until they want to change clothes, will not ask parents to send their clothes to their own, do not know beforehand to prepare their own clothes to wear, their usual change of clothes do not know to put in the clothes basket, thrown everywhere.

  For example, when it comes to study, stationery is thrown all over the table, and when it's time to use it, they rush to ask their parents to help them find it; their school bags are never organized by themselves, and they often forget to bring the books they should bring; what's more, they ask their parents to help them finish the homework that they should finish by themselves, and the most common one is the handwork.

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