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Ding Hong is in the fourth grade, language performance is okay, math is her biggest problem, especially when it comes to application problems, the teacher said the example can be understood at the time, and when she writes her own homework and can not. When she got home, she asked her father, who is an engineer, for advice, and he gave her two lectures, she still seemed to understand, and her mother was anxious, blaming Ding Hong for her slow response. Dad paced back and forth in the study, as if he was thinking about the problem. After about five minutes, Dad said to his daughter.

  "I remember, when I was in elementary school I usually had to talk about a problem six times to understand it, let's start over."

  Dad patiently spoke three more times, and the daughter finally understood. Dad said, "You can respond to a problem faster than Dad did once when you were a child, as long as you are not afraid of difficulties and keep thinking, you will definitely surpass Dad in the future." "Really?" Although Ding Hong was a little disbelieving, the joy was hanging on his eyebrows.

  Don't underestimate these words of Mr. Ding, Ding Hong's mother was secretly surprised after hearing them, and was ashamed of her impatience and rebuke. What's more, later when Ding Hong encountered a difficult problem, he was not only not afraid to ask others over and over again, but also not afraid to work on his own thinking over and over again until the problem was completely understood.

  Eleven years later, in the same class in elementary school, she was the only one who received a graduate degree.

  I believe that many people have encountered difficulties like Ding Hong, but many may not be as lucky as she is, because many parents will not have the patience and wisdom that Mr. Ding has, and some fathers may gradually raise their voices and eventually become thunderous, scaring their children from asking questions, or even losing their confidence. It's great to have self-affirmation from parents like Ding Hong with encouragement and help, but it's even more powerful to have an "awakening" from ourselves.

  One student recalled this.

  When I was in the third grade, my father took me to Beijing for fun, which was the only time I went to Beijing before I went to college. At that time, I didn't know anything, I just knew how to play. On the way to Yuanmingyuan, my dad took me to the west gate of Tsinghua University and told me that this was the best university in China, and you must come here to study when you grow up. He also took a picture of me in front of the west gate of Tsinghua University. Although this time only passed by the entrance of Tsinghua, but my father's words gave me a deep impression for some reason. So from then on I was determined to get into Tsinghua University, treating this as a dream in my heart. It was not until I was in high school that I began to understand the strengths and differences of the universities, but I had already planted the seeds of my dream in my heart, and even if it was Beijing University, I felt that it was not at all comparable to the Tsinghua University of my dreams. Whenever I found that I didn't meet my requirements or wasted time that I should have studied, I would admonish myself in my heart that this is not going to achieve my ideal and I must correct it and pay attention to it next time. Whenever I want to relax and say "I'll work harder tomorrow", or when I can't resist the temptation to drop my homework and play with my classmates, this ideal pops up in my mind and gives me a wake-up call that I should stop playing in moderation. Whenever someone whispers in my ear that studying is useless and that it's better to make money early and take advantage of the crazy life of youth, I always tell myself that I have my own dreams and can't pursue momentary pleasures without a goal. In this way, goals and ideals have always been my motivation to study, a long sounding alarm bell, and a source of happiness. When the ideal finally became a reality, I was really very happy and relaxed in my heart, and felt that my efforts were rewarded.

  In the process of realizing the ideal, self-affirmation and self-motivation can often be the driving force for people to move forward. If one does not have confidence in oneself to achieve one's ideal, or if one treats it carelessly, it is easy to have regrets. A student who took the entrance exam in her sophomore year of high school wrote an article recalling that

  From my freshman year to my sophomore year, I did not hesitate to choose science. Because mathematics, science and chemistry is my strength, and, since childhood, my wish is to enter Tsinghua Park, to be a scientific researcher dedicated to science. I was very strict with myself and didn't dare to relax, so my grades were very stable, and from the time I entered school until the end of my sophomore year, I kept the leading position of first in my grade. According to the school's practice, students with good grades in their sophomore year can register for the college entrance exam to try their level and to grow their test-taking experience. If they do exceptionally well on the exam, they can graduate early and go to college. I thought my goal was Tsinghua, which is very difficult and impossible without the comprehensive training of senior year, but it was good to try in sophomore year and know what the college entrance exam is all about. I just casually enrolled and didn't go through any transfer procedures.

  After I applied, I didn't take the entrance exam too seriously, after all, it was only my sophomore year. I took the mock exams of their senior class, and the results were eighteenth in the grade, not good, not bad, obviously not to get into Tsinghua. I lost my motivation, and in the months leading up to the entrance exam, I did not take the time to do mock exams, thinking that the entrance exam was for my senior year. Even the week before the exam, I was reading literature books. I returned to school from my hometown on the afternoon of the 7th, and sat back and watched the seniors prepare for their exams.

  The three days of the exam passed quickly, and I began to estimate the scores against the answers. When I estimated the scores of the five courses, I froze for a moment, there were actually 635 points (out of 750 points)! According to previous years' experience, Tsinghua's slotting line in Henan is about 630 to 650 points, which means that if I had gone through all the necessary procedures for the college entrance exam, and studied and prepared well in the past six months, I might have gotten into Tsinghua in the second year of high school! However, I didn't go through the procedures, I didn't prepare seriously, and I gave up a chance to enter Tsinghua early with my own hands! I was so stupid! I was not confident, I did not fully estimate my own strengths, I forgot my own advantages, I forgot that I might over-perform without pressure, I forgot that "newborn calves are not afraid of tigers", I forgot that there is an element of chance in the exam, I forgot that ......

  On the day the results came out, there was a circle of people at the phone booth, everyone was checking on the phone. I squeezed over, my heart pounding with excitement, entered my permit number, and heard my total score - 751 points (the standard score implemented in Henan, out of 900 points). The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Later, I learned that the admission line of Tsinghua that year was about 780 standard points and 640 original points, and my original score was 630 points, which means that as long as I take the college entrance exam seriously and study well, it is entirely possible to get 640 points or more! I regret that my dream of Tsinghua in my second year of high school was shattered!

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