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When I went to junior high school, I entered a new group, the class was full of unfamiliar faces, and there were many more boys than girls. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to exercise my cheerful personality. The teacher gave me a seat, surrounded by boys, and we all got along very well. Whenever we had time, we got together to chat and often laughed. However, at the beginning, I always covered my mouth and laughed, even though sometimes tears came out of my eyes, my hand still did not leave my mouth. Of course, they do not feel awkward. Later, a boy quietly asked me why I had to cover my mouth when I laughed, "I I I ......" This was the moment I realized that this was an important sign that I couldn't let go, and it was rare for me to laugh like this even for girls in the class. "I must change this bad habit!"

  When I got home that night, I practiced smiling in the mirror. I didn't realize that even though I was laughing by myself, I was still laughing unnaturally when I took my hands away. Only dare to smile, not dare to laugh, I think the expression of laughing is ugly, how can show to others? "This is your mental block!" A voice in my heart said. Happily, this voice of reason was always able to help me when I needed it most. So I got up the courage to make a very exaggerated laughing expression, and although it was ugly as hell, I was happy to have done it successfully for the first time after all.

  The rest of the day passed with laughter, and I was back in my new class as a class officer, ranking in the top few, and more importantly, I was able to show my true self thoroughly and get along with my classmates very well.

  Can we get some inspiration from this story? It's true that if you help yourself develop habits through coercive measures from your parents or teachers, you can also have good results. However, we also need to realize that there are times when the training and coercion we receive from teachers and parents often make us mechanical, or one thing in front of us and one thing behind us. The only way to develop good habits is to make yourself feel that it is your need to do so. Just like the story above, be a mindful person, and constantly adjust the deficiencies in your character, you will definitely be able to shape yourself into what you want to be, give full play to your potential, find your true self, and not better reflect the joy of self-education and self-cultivation?

  III. Requirements and principles

  The use of specialties as a "breakthrough" is a very important principle.

  Each person is an individual, and children in the world are very different and varied. What is suitable for others may not be suitable for you. Therefore, when looking for a suitable method for yourself, you need to consider your age, environment, psychological characteristics, personality and so on. In this way, you can find the right approach for you. Only what is suitable for you is the best.

  In the development of habits, some people may be interested in this and some may be interested in that. We all have different "points" of interest, so the breakthroughs we look for will be different. For example, Yang Yang especially likes to read science fiction stories, but he does not like to wash his hands and does not care about hygiene, so his parents did not help. His parents were very worried about him. What should they do? Since Yang Yang loves to read science fiction stories, why not let him read more science fiction stories related to hygiene knowledge? This is a good "breakthrough" that allows Yang Yang to gain knowledge while satisfying his needs.

  Mu Mu is a middle school student who loves to play video games and has had many fights with her parents over the games. Her mother was too scared to come home, and as soon as she did, Miki forced her to give money, and if she didn't, she would kill herself. Later, with the help of a psychiatrist, the mother began to play games with Mugi, quietly guiding her in the process of playing and competing with the best. When Mugi had knowledge that he did not understand, his mother bought computer books for him. Over time, Mugi turned the direction that games were no longer his favorite, and designing game programs became his hobby instead. Not only that, but Miki slowly became a computer software master.

  The mother later took a very smart approach, "sparing" is better than "blocking", computer games can make him excited, the computer naturally became a "breakthrough".

  Everyone's personality and interests are different, and only when you find your own interests and strengths can you build on your strengths and avoid your weaknesses in real life, and actively explore them to develop good habits that are beneficial to your growth.

  Operation method

  1. Know yourself

  This is the most important point to find a breakthrough. If you do not have a comprehensive understanding of yourself, it is very difficult to find a good "breakthrough". Even parents and teachers to help you find, their advice is also based on a comprehensive understanding of you. An important aspect of understanding yourself is to identify your strengths, to build on your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.

  2. Listen to your parents' advice

  In the process of finding a "breakthrough", I hope you can listen to the advice of your parents. Parents can generally have a more comprehensive and correct understanding of their children. If you can sincerely and humbly listen to your parents, they can often give you a lot of pretty good advice. Of course, some parents may still put up a front and still strike a pose of educating you, but deep down they are glad you are doing so. Some parents may say to you, "I know where your breakthroughs are, you need to ......" in such a way that may make you feel as tasteless as plain water, and even make you feel a little hostile and wary. However, please do not forget that parents are always the people who love you the most, their attitude may not be as satisfactory, but they have a life experience that we can not compare, can give us a lot of reasonable advice.

  3. Necessary training

  Habit development is, after all, the embodiment of specific behaviors, and therefore requires the necessary training and coercion of yourself. In a certain period of time, if you have certain bad behavior habits, you should be forced to correct them in time. For example, to develop the habit of respecting your parents, you should pay more attention to what you say and do in general, and if something you do or say goes against the habitual goal of respecting your parents, you should correct yourself in time even if there is no supervision. Over time, you will naturally develop good habits.

  Chapter 2 Role Model Method

  I. Explanation

  A wonderful myth once circulated in ancient Greece.

  An 18-year-old boy, Hercules, was walking on the crossroads of life. At that time, he met two goddesses, one called "evil virtue" and the other called "virtue". The Goddess of Virtue tried to tempt him to pursue a life that would make people happy but harmful to others, while the Goddess of Virtue advised him to take the path of eliminating harm for the benefit of others. In the end, Hercules heeded the call of the Goddess of Virtue, refused the evil temptation of the Goddess of Virtue, and chose the path of always doing good for his fellow man. Later, Hercules grew up to be a hero who has been celebrated by the Greek people.

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