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  Author: Both sides have such a desire, so why can't we bridge the generation gap? The main reason is that both sides have their own perspective on things, right?

  Child: Yes.

  Author: Both have their own perspective, and both may not understand the perspective of others. I am of the same generation as your parents, and I do the work of parents first. I think the main problem should come from our parents. There is an old Chinese saying, "What you don't want, don't do to others. That is, you do not want to do things yourself, unhappy things, do not impose on others. For example, if you don't want others to restrict you, don't restrict them too much; if you don't want others to not understand you, don't not understand them; if you don't want to listen to others' nagging, don't nag them either. The same goes for your children. If you don't want to do something yourself, don't force it on them in the first place. If you don't like to listen to nagging, don't nag your child; if you don't like to listen to counting, don't count your child; if you don't like to listen to reprimand, don't reprimand your child; if you would like to see a smiling face, then you should treat your child with a smiling face.

  Specifically to your skit, the difference in opinion, in fact, the problems between your parents and you, involving differences in all aspects of life, learning, life, and society, is this right? It is entirely possible to have a difference in opinion about a work of literature, a television, a life phenomenon, a costume, a music, is that right?

  Child: Yes.

  Author: My opinion is that parents should not ask their children to think the same way as they do, and children do not necessarily ask their parents to think the same way as they do. For example, what clothes you want to wear and what he wants to wear, what music you want to listen to and what music he wants to listen to, do not force each other, but each other to understand the reasonableness of each other's thinking, you say?

  Child: Right.

  Author: I have a little hope for parents, sometimes you put your original thinking down a little and look at the problem from a different perspective. Why? The child has a child's perspective, right?

  Child: Yes.

  Author: So, I'm particularly interested in what you think about your life now.

  Child: What do you think about the future?

  Author: Right.

  Children: I just ...... single-mindedly ...... want to get into the film business in the future.

  Author: Any other hopes for your parents?

  Children: The hope for my parents is that they live a better and healthier life in the future, but too much worry and too many demands on me are unnecessary.

  Author: I agree with you. What else?

  Child: There is more, there is more, I think ...... is gone.

  Author: I think Ma Yuan is very frank and very accurate description of the problem. Today I hope that on this occasion, Ma Yuan's mother will undergo a more radical change in her thinking. You may be very worried about your child, very hung up on him, but your worrying may instead make him feel uncomfortable, not understood, and find it difficult to have a dialogue.

  I hope that from today onwards, you will mainly find ways to enter your child's mind, understand your child's thoughts, understand your child's mental state, and can increase the dialogue with your child as an equal. Don't be too trivial with your child. If you can find a good way to inspire your child to improve himself, then you use the inspired method. Until you find a way, this is a simple question, and I hope you will listen to what your child has to say.

  For a sophomore boy to think this way, it's long past time for a mother to have understanding and appreciation. Understand the child's whole set of views on life, including his own efforts for the future and the pursuit of hobbies. There should be enough support in this regard. For now, Ma Yuan's parents should have a better understanding of their children later on, especially if they understand what there is in their children that you should appreciate him and appreciate him. What ideas your child has that are different, that are cute, that are to be supported.

  In this world, the ability to be good at finding all the things that are cute, smart, strong, good, and advantageous in one's child is a particularly important and essential factor that leads a child to the genius of learning and the genius of career. The child's description just now shows that he has his own unique view of life, which is his strength; and he has analyzed the relationship between parents and himself very pertinently, which is another of his strengths; in addition, he has a very concise description of his future life, which is another of his strengths; he likes film art, which is another of his strengths; including the willingness to communicate with parents, which is another of his This is another good quality. We will all find this boy cute.

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