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  I know a parent whose child is in high school, and the mother has to open every letter from her child to read them, she feels she has the right to do so. She feels that she has the right to do so. There is an extension on the home phone, and when her son answers the phone there, she has to listen to it on the other side, which makes the child very rebellious. I also know a college student whose parents have been in the diplomatic service for a long time, and he did not spend much time with them growing up. It is precisely this child who identifies particularly with his parents and he is proud of them. So, it's not necessarily true that children can love and understand themselves just because their parents keep them tethered to them all day long.

  What I just said about the causes of mental illness in children refers to the practices of parents. There is a deeper reason why parents do what they do. Why does he have these bad educational practices towards his children?

  First, many parents do not understand that a person needs to be healthy beyond success. This concept is not clear to many parents nowadays, always thinking that it's over when their children study well and get into whatever school they can get into. They do not know that health is a major lifelong issue for their children.

  Second, do not understand that health includes mental health and social adaptability as a result of such a comprehensive. They think the child is strong, no fever or diarrhea and that's it. He does not know that mental health is a critical issue, which must be taken seriously.

  Third, do not understand the minds of children. Many newspapers have done surveys, one of which showed that 76% of teenagers think that their parents do not understand them. Another survey showed that 90 percent of children were dissatisfied with their parents. What does this mean? It shows that parents do not understand their children, which is the third reason for the wrong tendency to educate their children.

  Fourth, they do not know that it is harmful to feed and spoil their children in their arms, and many parents have never had this concept, so he keeps doing it.

  Fifth, it is very important to be alert to parents who are in such a situation, that is to say, their own life has atrophied, they have no pursuit of their own life prospects, their future life, and put all their expectations on their children. If the child succeeds, he or she will be able to get a comfort. This kind of thinking should not be.

  This concept must be changed. The so-called contraction of their own life, contraction of their own life, think that their big picture has been decided, this is it, will not do anything, only one hope - to make the children good. The result of this is not only a sacrifice to oneself, but also to the detriment of the children.

  According to my observation, most of the better children nowadays have the characteristic that parents are more successful in their own lives, and at the same time they are not too indulgent to their children, but give proper and correct guidance, which is the best. So I hope parents must not atrophy and shrink their own lives.

  Sixth, it is not only the parents' own life that shrinks, but also their spiritual life and emotional life. Because they feel that their spiritual life is rather empty and vacant, or that they do not have enough love - this love is love in many ways, including a rather dull relationship between husband and wife, and this aspect is not satisfied, so they put all their love, including spiritual emptiness, on the care of their children. You could say that when she is managing her children, it is not that they need this, but she herself needs this.

  Because you have nothing to do, you only have happiness when you are taking care of your children. Because you have no possibility to get a better love to enrich yourself, you have to enrich yourself with the love for your child. In this case, it is possible for parents to lose their rational judgment about the future growth of their children. It is conceivable that spoiling, uncaring and tightly tethered to the child will result in various pathological complexes.

  Seventh, many parents have a climbing mentality towards their children's studies and consumption, and this mentality is the vanity of the parents. He is not going to buy this and that for the good of the child, he is to a large extent because other children have, he must also have. Many families buy a piano, just a decoration, but he would rather sacrifice other needs of life to buy these things. This is a kind of comparison, and the result of this is not necessarily good for the child. This is a very profound reason.

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