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Only by knowing ourselves deeply can we understand our children clearly.
The birth of a child is an important event in the development of our woman's life. It means not only that a woman becomes a "mother", but also that she further matures psychologically. The birth of a child naturally shifts the center of our interest to the child, and this shift invariably breaks the stubbornly closed nature of the woman's psyche and contributes to the maturity of her psychological qualities. However, the strength of our own transformation varies, producing completely different results.

  The first one is to focus only on the child, neglecting the self and neglecting the husband. The sense of self naturally disappears in the "motherly love" without the self, and the life is not cultivated, the mind is not enterprising, and the career is not successful. A few young mothers give up their careers, ignore the existence of their husbands, and give all their passion to their children, replacing love and self-love with maternal love.

  The second kind is to focus only on their own career, without regard to children and family, so that they achieve their own career success, but in exchange for family misfortune.

  The third is to adjust oneself well, to play carefully the triple role of mother, wife and professional woman, to explore the path of self-development within the constraints of motherhood obligations, and to lay a good psychological foundation for the arrival of the second intellectual peak of women around the age of 40.

  For every young mother, this is a new test, a new classroom, where everything has to start from scratch.

  We, the generation of women who have to learn everything all over again. We believe: "I can do it!" Since we are mothers, we have to be the best; since we have nurtured our children, our children should be the strongest; since we have established a family, our family should be the happiest.

  To ourselves, we are confident! To our family, we are confident! For the future, we are confident!

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