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The American philosopher Emerson once said, "The best gift in life is a part of yourself, like a poem to a poet, a flock to a sheep boy, a hand-embroidered ropa to a girl."

  Many beautiful things in life are not given by others, but are discovered and created by yourself. If you want your children to have a happy life, you yourself must first have a happy life. Replace pessimism with optimism, and kindness please start with yourself. Let your child see in your feelings how wonderful it is to live in the world!

  Be happy with yourself

  The beauty of a person is not in his looks but in his mind.

  "A man must love himself, and then people will love him; a man must respect himself, and then people will respect him." The words of Yang Xiong of the Western Han Dynasty still ring true when read today. If a person does not love himself, how can he afford to be loved by others? Therefore, "if you want to trust people, you must first be confident; if you want to know people, you must first know yourself; if you want to love your son, you must first love yourself.

  The first lesson parents should teach their children is to "like themselves".

Today, education is no longer limited to children and adolescents, but everyone is faced with the problem of lifelong education. This means that in the future, as parents of children, they will have to help their children learn, learn with them, and even learn from them.

  Time waits for no man, and children have gone ahead of us. As parents, we must have this sense of urgency to go beyond ourselves. Yesterday is history, so don't look back on the glory of yesteryear, but act now and learn! Learn! Learn again!

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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