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Learn to use the eye of discovery, and the gold is all around you.

  A person who can spot a thousand horses is a bole, and a parent who can spot a child's strengths is a competent parent.

  A writer once said, "Everyone is a genius." To bring out the full potential of your child, you need to help your child discover "I can do it", "what I can do best", and "what I can do better". I believe it is more important for children to "discover themselves" than for others to discover them. The process of recognizing "I can do it" is itself a process of self-discovery. "There is no such thing as a stupid child, only a child who has not yet reached his or her potential.

There are three things to note when discovering your child's strengths.

  One, find the differences

  Just as there are no identical leaves in the world, there are no identical children in the world. The responsibility of parents is to discover the "differences" in their children.

  Edison became a great inventor because he had a great mother who was good at finding his strengths.

Discovering the bright spots

There is a student who is not a good learner and loves to raise his hand in class. Sometimes he raises his hand high before the teacher finishes his question. But when he was called up to answer, he couldn't answer.

  The teacher talked to this student after class and asked him why.

  "My classmates always laugh at my bad grades and say I'm stupid. I am not convinced, so I always raise my hand when the teacher asks a question, to show everyone that I am not stupid, but in reality I don't know how." The student was honest with the teacher.

 The teacher was so impressed that she took the opportunity to raise her left hand in class and let the student answer questions, and praised him often. From then on, the student became very active in his studies.

Children are growing up and improving every day. Parents and teachers should discover him like Columbus discovered the New World, and especially be good at finding the shining points of the backward children, so that every child can raise his head and walk.

 Family life, we often encounter the smallest things, from which we can easily find the child flashes of sincere and loving emotions. Good at finding it, is to make us close to the child and communicate with the magic weapon, but also our education of children on the road to success.

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