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Sooner or later, the children we have carefully trained will have to go out into society.

  In a knowledge-based economy, talents are the most needed and precious resources. In today's world, with the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, the economic ties and interdependence among countries and regions around the world are getting closer and closer, and the world market is being formed at an accelerated pace. Therefore, the competition for talents also tends to be globalized, and the world needs high-quality "modern talents".

  Under the impetus of this globalization of the competition for talents, education, as the key to open the door of a country, is receiving more and more attention from all countries. School, family and society, the three pillars of education, are changing every day. These changes, which are related to the growth of children, touch every family.

  Sooner or later, our children, who have been carefully trained, will have to go out into society. When they go to the society, they have to pass the selection of "talent market" first, so every parent has to pay attention to the "market" of this market.
In the job market, your child is no longer facing a paper test, but a practical question of life, how well he answers depends on how he approaches life.

  As a parent, you want your child to succeed, so train him to become a person who loves life and has good qualities!

  Some parents only focus on their children's test scores, neglecting to educate their children to be and do things, treating their children as a matter of course, rather than people-oriented, resulting in the training of children, only do the questions, can not be and can not do things. Such children may be able to score high in the examinations, but they will lose points in the stage of life.

  A student in a major high school works hard every night to study, but he asks his mother to memorize the plot of a TV show he watches every day and tell him about it the next morning. When he arrived at school, he added fuel to the fire and told his classmates, as if he was indulging in the TV every night. Some students could not resist the "temptation" to sit in front of the TV at night and watch TV dramas, and their grades were greatly affected; others saw him watching TV dramas every day and still had top grades, and thought he was too smart to compete with him, thus losing confidence - and all this was exactly what he wanted to achieve. The mother thought she was helping her son to compete, but in fact she was pushing him step by step into the quagmire of self-interest. The function of education is not only the filling of knowledge, but should be the perfection of morality. Can we say that such a top academic student is a good student? Can we say that such a mother is a good mother?

  In the era of economic change, parents should not only focus on helping their children to establish their career, but should also focus on helping their children to establish themselves first. The purpose of education must be "to establish a career by learning and a body by virtue".

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