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I often feel a sense of indifference and adult apprehension on the faces of children who are seen by adults as 'good students'. Why is this?

  An article entitled "Children are not slaves to civilisation" analyses the reasons for this: "Their cleverness is far from the fish and shrimps in the stream, from the grasshoppers and ants in the grass, they do not know that nature is beautiful, they do not know that life is stormy and sunny, their manners become stereotyped models lacking individuality and childish liveliness and innocence, the same. "

  Many parents go to great lengths to buy a piano, hire a tutor and force their children to learn. Without realising the psychological impact this has on the child. When I was answering the "heart call", a boy in Shanghai said to me mysteriously, "Sister, guess what I hate the most?"

Children are of course their parents' children, but parents should first understand that a child is an independent individual with his or her own preferences. We need to shape our children, but not at the expense of their innocence and the joys of childhood, and not to limit them by what adults know and feel. "Children should be allowed to play in the mud, to take trips to the stream, to play football, to lie on their backs and watch ants move with gusto, to bump and bang with their buddies, even to scrape a chunk of skin and discover 'new lands' all around." Children's behaviour can be guided, but childishness and childishness cannot be taken away and childishness cannot be trampled on.

  I really want to appeal to the adults, put the children back into nature, let them play happily in the tender green grass in spring, by the creek, enjoy the spring, experience the spring, get into the spring light, find the lost childishness!

  Only when you feel the loveliness of spring will you love the beautiful spring even more.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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