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 There is a blue planet in the universe, her name is Earth and we call her 'Mother Earth'.

  Mother Earth's children love to fantasize and often look up at the stars on beautiful nights, imagining that one day they will be able to grow strange wings and fly to another planet to live and find a new home.

  However, when they grew up they realised that so far mankind had not discovered that life existed on other planets. Of the nine planets and their moons in our solar system, only life exists on Earth. It took more than a billion years of gestation and long changes in the entire solar system to create the only environment in which we can live today - the Earth.

  Why is it that life can only occur on Mother Earth? Because she is the only one who has the four major spheres necessary for life to emerge and survive: the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the geosphere and the biosphere, which has evolved.

  So the Earth is our only home!

  However, people do not care for Mother Earth, and serious pollution and destructive logging have made Mother Earth sick.

  The children of the Earth have a great responsibility to protect Mother Earth.

  "The young villagers of the Hand in Hand Global Village are taking action, and a "war for the Earth" has begun! Wang Erqing's poem "Please stay" speaks to the heart of every child of the Earth.

  In a few decades' time, when you have grey hair and become an old grandfather or grandmother, what will you say to the questions of your children and grandchildren?

  I am sure you will be proud to say.

  Look forward, child, the lush trees along the Mother River were planted by grandpa (grandma) during the "Hand in Hand, Pick Up a Hope, Return a Green River to Mother River" campaign. Protect it!

  Look up, child, the blue sky and white clouds are back, I also participated in the "Earth Defense War" to protect the environment and clean up pollution.

  Look down, child, the water is flowing beneath you. The little school by the river was built by Grandpa (Grandma) and his friends with the money from recycling.

  Look back, my child, the children of the Hand in Hand Global Village are here. You are their best friend, they are your best friends, together you are powerful. Remember, the Earth of the 21st century belongs to you. You must care for it and build it so that your children and grandchildren will have a beautiful home!

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