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It is better to tell your children how you feel than to let them access their own experiences.
"It's like my daughter is from another planet, how come she doesn't understand anything, I can't do anything with her!"

  This mom was confused. When she watched the movie "The White Haired Girl" as a child, she shed so many tears for Xi'er and hated Huang Shiren, but today the same story, how come her child can't understand it?

  I said to her that children do not know history and have no experience, she does not know how the good days of today came about, of course she will have such childish ideas.

  Letting children understand history and the storms their parents have gone through is a prerequisite for children to understand and tolerate their parents.

  Don't blame the child for not understanding, social existence determines human consciousness. Children often know the world through their own personal experiences. Parents want their children to respect and honor themselves, in addition to teaching them the responsibility of being human, it is more important for them to understand the road we have traveled. Instead of telling your children how you feel, let them acquire their own experiences. I believe that once a kind-hearted child has experienced the difficulties of his or her parents, he or she will admire and appreciate them from the bottom of his or her heart; once he or she understands the hardships of the past, he or she will cherish the happiness of today.

  What is "modern family education"? Comrade Li Lanqing has made a scientific statement: "Family education should change from experience to scientific education, from one-sided focus on book knowledge to focus on teaching children to behave properly, from unilateral orders to equal communication."

  It seems that we have to learn again.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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