Open up Sesame-Woodmam


 As a parent of children, you have probably seen or heard the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves!

  Ali Baba was in front of the giant stone treasure cave and recited the incantation he had heard from the bandits: "Open the door with sesame sesame!" And so the doors of the treasure cave opened.

  Human potential seems to be a treasure trove. According to one psychologist, "The intellectual energy that human potential can contain is as great as the physical energy of the atomic nucleus." "A child is a laboratory of unparalleled creativity."

 A few years ago, Zhou Hong introduced this approach to the parents of some deaf children, resulting in the production of dozens of early-witted children in the style of Zhou Tingting.

  Zhou Hong says: "Every child has immeasurable potential, and we should respect every young life and cherish every connotation of it. Failure to develop the potential of each child is a failure and a tragedy of parenting." He believes, "Even if all the people in the world look down on your child, parents should admire him, embrace him, praise him, appreciate him and be proud of this little life they have created."

  What do many of us parents, today, say and do when confronted with the treasure that is our child? "You're so stupid! What are you doing with a long brain!" "There is no worse child than you!" "You're no good, let me do it instead!"

  Upon hearing these negative messages, the doors of wisdom in a child's mind close tightly, in some cases for life!

  What children crave most is to be praised by their parents, praise that will stimulate their potential. The secret to unlocking your child's "treasure trove" of wisdom lies in: rewarding your child! Encourage your child constantly!

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