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 You don't have to give your kids too much money if you want them to be successful.

  No one may believe it when it is said that in many families, it is the children who have the most money. Many of the Chinese who are now parents have experienced hard times and remember the days when they could only earn a few cents a day. In the memories of these people, a 10 yuan bill is a remarkable fortune, and it is more or less a crime to spend it easily. However, if you put a $10 bill in front of your child now, he may not care.

In recent years, the U.S. information industry has surged, especially software development and the widespread use of the Internet, for those rich in business acumen of young people to show their personal talents and rapid wealth brought excellent opportunities. Bill Gates founded Microsoft only 25 years ago, his personal assets reached $80 billion, becoming the world's richest man; Yahoo's founder, Jerry Yang, also used only a few years to become a rising star with billions of dollars of wealth. No wonder the U.S. media marveled: Silicon Valley has created a new generation of billionaires!

  However, the remarkable performance of these billionaires in their careers cannot conceal their inner worries. Such astronomical wealth, no matter how to enjoy themselves is inexhaustible, and will be their own wisdom and hard work to earn all the money, and is so uneasy to leave to future generations.

  In order to be anxious for the rich, think of the rich, two major banks on Wall Street in the United States launched a wealth of more than 100 million U.S. dollars to provide "financial parenting" services, specifically for these billionaires to provide innovative spiritual counseling services to help them guide their children how to participate in business and charitable giving, adjust themselves to adapt to the future They help their children adjust to the reality of inheriting millions and even hundreds of millions of dollars.

  In 1999, Bill Gates announced that he and his wife had made a deliberate decision to limit their two children's inheritance to a strict $100 million, with the remainder of their wealth going to charities and social welfare.

  "Parents want to encourage their children to become successful on their own, but not by giving them too much money." This is the wish of many wealthy people.

  When I was very young, I heard a story about a man who went into a big forest and after a few days, he got lost and ran out of the food he brought with him. Just when his life was threatened, he met an old hunter. He asked for a little something to eat, the old hunter did not meet him, but gave him a shotgun. By relying on this shotgun to catch food, he came out of the forest alive.

  Parents who are truly responsible for their children are the ones who teach them the ability to survive, rather than just leaving them with a lot of money.

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