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There are two doors in everyone's heart, one is called "I can do it" and the other is called "I can't".

  Those who walk through the "I can do it" door, under the guidance of Mr. I can do it, are full of self-confidence, everyone has the experience of success, can hold their heads up and boldly walk forward, have the courage to meet the storm, happy to smile in the face of difficulties.

  Those who walk through the door of "I can't", under the influence of Mr. "I can't", have no confidence in themselves, always walk with their heads down and want to step back when they encounter the slightest difficulty, and cannot grasp the opportunity to succeed even when it comes.

  The difference between "I can do it" and "I can't do it" is just one word, but the meanings are completely opposite: "I can do it" is the necessary mindset of a successful person, while "I can't do it" is the most important mindset of a failure. I can't" is the most important reason for failure.

  "I can't" is the opposite of a negative message, a sign of a lack of self-confidence. If one always uses this negative message to suggest oneself, one's psychology will be in a very negative state, making it impossible to do what one could have done; while "I can do it" is a positive message, a manifestation of full self-confidence. If you always use this positive message to control yourself, you will be very excited and you will be able to do things better.

  The difference between "I can do it" and "I can't do it" is just one word, but there is a fundamental difference. People who say "I can do it" to themselves from an early age always have confidence in themselves, and are constantly conditioned with positive messages, which is more important than getting high marks in an exam.

To this day, whenever I hear a child say "I can't", I see that Mr. "I can't" flying in front of me. I would like to say to them, if you had gone to Jigong Mountain with us and participated in the "release", you would have believed that the "I can't" man in you would have been washed away by the storm.

  "I can do it" is not only an exciting slogan, but also an experience of your own values and abilities, and with this experience and knowledge comes confidence. If you grow up confident that you can do it, you will be able to grow up to be a great person!

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