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The ideal is the sunshine of the child's mind. If you lose the sunlight, the world of the mind will be dark.

Parents' high expectations and excessive pressure make many families "poor" to the point that only "points" are left - feelings are poor, and the only topics between parents and children are exams, exams, exams, grades, grades, grades. The family lost laughter, but also lost the proper affection. The whole family revolves around the "score", the whole family will be happy when the children's test scores are high; when the children's test scores are low, the whole family becomes very depressed, and the family relationship is also very tense. As one child described it - the family is in a state of "first-class war", "war" is about to start. One child took the test and the teacher asked him to take the paper home and sign it. The next day the teacher asked the parents what their attitude was, the child stood up and said: "Last night, I was subjected to a 'mixed doubles'! It used to be a 'singles' fight, but now it's time to get out of the way!"

  Scores are like a mountain, weighing heavily on the heads of children and parents, greatly limiting the development of children, making them into point-earning machines, slaves to scores.

  Put yourself in the shoes of a child, in such an environment, which will produce a good ideal? The seed of an ideal, to take root, sprout, grow, blossom and bear fruit, must be nourished by sunshine and rain. In the living environment without "sunshine", without "rain", the seeds of the ideal to germinate, it is difficult - too difficult!

  In fact, the family is the best greenhouse to cultivate children's good feelings and ideals. In childhood and adolescence, children live in the family for the longest time, and the time they spend with their parents should be the most beautiful and unforgettable memories in their lives. Parents' attitude towards life directly affects their children. If parents live a very tired and pessimistic life all day long, and send negative messages to their children every day, then children will naturally have the idea that "there is no point in living". A happy family does not depend on whether the family has money, whether the children are able to go to college, but on whether there is a positive attitude among family members.

  The kind of family you have, the kind of children you will have. "Problem parents" will produce "problem children", or children with unhealthy psychology; "happy parents" will produce "happy children Happy parents" will create "happy teenagers", or children with normal psychological development.

  Therefore, the fundamental way to cure the desert of children's emotional world is to change the adult's attitude towards life, to lose the compensating mind, to find the normal mind, to "let nature take its course, to do nothing and to rule".

  You should know that children have their own world and their own future. Let your children Let children do their own things happily, they will naturally feel "it's good to be alive".

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