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A mother, is the one who gives us life. She, in turn, nurtures us with her life, raises us and educates us. Each of us has our mother's blood in us, and our souls are branded with the imprint given by our mothers. It is human nature to love one's mother, and it is one of the greatest feelings.

  Children remember how they were cared for by their mothers without fail, especially when they encountered difficulties, setbacks and illnesses, and many of them used to get warmth, support and strength from their mothers. Children get the whole life from their mothers, and they also get all the information of life from their mothers. They see how their mothers work hard day after day, study hard, love their work and make their own dedication to the society; they see how their mothers put others first, respect the old and love the young, and help the poor; they see how their mothers treat honesty and lies, success and failure, and put They see how their mothers deal with honesty and lies, successes and failures, and take every shining point of their mothers in the world into their hearts.

  A mother can learn from her children's eyes what it means to educate her offspring with her own life, so that she can pay more attention to her own way of dealing with the world.

  This last sentence is very meaningful.

  It can be put this way: "There is a scale in every household, and that scale is the heart of the child." Different mothers send out life messages that leave different images in the child's mind. The good and bad behaviors of the mother are visible to the child.

  So what do children say about their mothers today?

  From the children's essays about their mothers, we see that these children, although they come from different families and their mothers have different occupations, all have the same comments about their mothers. What kind of behavior do children like about their mothers? I have summarized, there are three general kinds.

  First, the mother who builds a career and is dedicated and aggressive

  In the children's writing, we see many Chinese women who use their shoulders to support happy and unfortunate families, and at the same time, they are very good at playing the role of "half the sky" in all walks of life in the construction of the motherland. With their actions, they give their children a fulcrum to support their lives and let them know what self-respect means; with their ordinary and diligent lives, they tell their children what the value of life is and how a person should live in this world.

  In the children's writing, although many mothers are engaged in some work that is too ordinary to be ordinary, but the mother's dedication to work makes the children have a deep love for their mothers.

  Second, the diligent and self-motivated mother

  In the eyes of children, there is no difference between high and low mothers, whether they are professors, teachers, police officers, street sweepers, vegetable sellers or pig farmers, as long as they do their best to work, the children are proud of them and take them as role models.

  I think every one of us women should look up to our own work and talk about it at home with pride and confidence. In this way, your children and your husband can be proud of you. Only if you value yourself, others can value you.

  At the same time, we have to work as hard as we can, not only to earn money for the family, but also to teach our children to behave. Children are the first to read the words "dedication" and "enterprise" from their mothers. Teachers often say that when they see what kind of child his mother is, they know what kind of child he is. Those mothers who don't sleep in the morning and go to work on time bring out children who are generally not late for school.

  A loving, affectionate and lively mother

  The eyes of the child are very bright, the mother's every word, every action are very careful observation. It is a good idea to look at your mother's strengths and weaknesses.

  Some children came to the graphic and accurate conclusion, "Mom is a kaleidoscope." Among the large number of submissions, we found one written by Wang Erqing, daughter of CCTV program host Jing Yidan and a third-grade student at Beijing Xuanwu District No. 1 Experimental Primary School, about her mother. In her writing, the famous program host becomes flesh and blood, friendly and lively, and rich in life interest.

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