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Let children who only know how to help others learn to help others.

  "Helping others" is an important cornerstone of collectivist thinking. But the word "joy" is not experienced by many children.

  City children, who are almost overwhelmed by the "river of love", have everything done for them by others. They can't see who needs their help in life, and naturally they can't taste the joy of helping others.

  Since the city children and rural children to make friends, the city has always been favored children have others in their hearts. Buy a new book, extra care, protection, because he intends to read himself to send to his friends in rural areas; buy stationery to buy an extra copy, because they have the intention to let good partners share everything they have.

  This kind of true love, this friendship, is many city children usually difficult to feel, but in the interaction with rural children felt.

  I took a small group of journalists to Wang Dawan "Hand in Hand" Hope Primary School in Guangshan County, Xinyang, Henan Province to see friends. After leaving the village the next day, a boy from Zhangjiakou whispered to me, "I stayed at my friend's house for just one night, and guess what gift he gave me?"

  "What kind of gift?" I asked curiously.

  "He gave me the key to his house. He said, "My family is poor, there is nothing to give, take this key with you, from now on you are my family. In the future, when you come to our village, you can enter my house at any time. 'Knowing sister', you see how much he trusts me!"

  When the child spoke, he was very excited and had a solemn face.

  The practice of "Hand in Hand" has enabled the children from the city and the countryside to find happiness, responsibility and new knowledge in each other. They are no longer strangers to each other, they have become interested in each other, and opened the door of their closed and lonely hearts to become close friends.

  Understanding the needs of friends and meeting their needs is a sign of maturity and responsibility for a child.

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