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Comparing your child to other people's children is harmful.
    Looking at children in a perverse light is a common problem among parents today. Whenever they think their child is not as good as others, they suspect that there is something wrong with their child, and some parents even say in front of their children that their child is sick, which is abnormal in itself. We should not let the cloud of "sickness" hang over our children's heads from an early age.

One mother was so irresponsible that she felt very anxious about her daughter's poor grades in first grade. One day the teacher said to her, "Your child is mentally retarded, send her to a school for the mentally retarded!" . The mother believed it and sent her daughter to a school for the mentally handicapped without being evaluated by a doctor. When she was in sixth grade, her daughter took a district field trip for students with intellectual disabilities and won first place, but when she was examined, the doctor said she was a perfectly normal child and her grades didn't count. A reporter came to interview the "fake mentally retarded student" and asked her how she felt about the past six years. The girl said that when she first came to the school for the mentally handicapped, she felt that people around her spoke and walked abnormally, but it didn't take long for everyone around her to think that she was "abnormal" and "sick. She started to walk and talk like a retarded student, and slowly, when people saw her as "normal", she really became "retarded".

  It can be said that environment changes people and turns normal people into abnormal ones.

  If parents have perverted psychology and always suspect that their originally normal children are abnormal, they are always in tension and anxiety, which not only affects their own health, but also affects the normal growth of their children, so much so that some children suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and other common adult diseases at a young age. Because when parents are nervous, children can immediately feel it. Adults' bodies have certain resistance, so sometimes there are no symptoms, while children have poor resistance and have to get sick for their parents.

  How can you relax yourself? Then get back to normal! When you learn to see your child with normal, developmental eyes, you will understand the child's psychology, forgive the child's shortcomings, see the child's strengths, and you will find that "the sun is new every day"!

  Don't compare your child with other people's children, but believe in your own child. Nowadays, parents have more worries and less surprises about their children because they don't appreciate their own children with their hearts, but always focus on other people's children.

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