Violent work is an "educational accident"-Woodmam


Violent homework has an overall negative impact on children's confidence, will, and character. Its bad effects are much more than how hot it is to put on an extra shirt or eat an extra bun. It can change the whole state of things, make children suffer from a chronic disease of "boredom", destroy their motivation, eat up their creativity, sap their happiness, and the "violence" in it can even destroy their morality.

  It is always assumed that all homework assigned by teachers is correct and useful for learning, and that children should complete it carefully. The truth is that children are now writing too much ineffective homework. It is not only ineffective, but also has a negative effect. These assignments are so boring that they have gone to the opposite of learning and become anti-learning in terms of the damage it does to children's interest in learning and the hindrance to their intellectual development
The most important act to reduce the burden is to eliminate the different levels of violence in homework. Raising violent homework to the level of an "accident" can show its destructive power and cause people to be alerted.

  In order to eliminate production accidents in various industries, the state has been developing and introducing appropriate management standards and management methods. Accidents in coal mines are not allowed to be concealed, and the people responsible are held accountable. However, the number of violent work accidents occurring every day throughout the country is justified by a constant state of affairs.

  Has anyone come to light on this matter and how many people have heard the groans of millions of children? To put it mildly, it is permanently destroying many children's enthusiasm and interest in learning; to put it more seriously, it is mothballing and distorting the future of our state and nation. When will such a scientific "approach" be introduced for children to save them from violent homework?

  Special Tips

  ● Fix children's limbs to the bench and to the desk with heavy homework. The result is a chemical change in the child's mind that creates a substance called "boredom".

  The most important thing that good parents and teachers do is to avoid the enemy of "boredom" in their children, so they do their best to protect their children's interest in learning.

  The most important thing is for parents to be aware of violent homework. If you are always conscious and careful to protect your child's interest in learning, then ways to deal with violent homework will come out naturally.

  ● Eliminating different levels of violent homework is the most important act to reduce the burden.

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