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Don't love your child because he listens, don't appreciate him because he has achieved something, and don't scold him because he doesn't suit our heart. Parental love should be unconditional, and so should respect for our children.

  We can see from books and people around us that parents of good children are generally very democratic, always calmly discussing and solving problems with their children, and very careful about the ways and means - the most basic attitude is to respect and appreciate their children. Even if a child makes a mistake, it is just a matter of discussion, never involve other, certainly not scolding. They achieved the result is that their children seem to be very understanding, simply do not need them to worry about the effort.

  Makarenko, a distinguished Soviet educator, said: "As soon as the institution of family life is reasonably developed, punishment is no longer necessary. In a good family there will never be a case of punishment, and this is the most correct path of family education."

  Some European and American countries strictly prohibit by law the beating of children. The reason why the phenomenon of beating children in China is still relatively common now is, first of all, influenced by the traditional concept that it is only natural for the old man to beat his son; and then there is a lack of legal constraints.

  At present, China has some laws and regulations to protect children and adolescents, but they are some rough concepts, do not have a realistic binding. Beating children has never been considered a family matter, without the need for others to interfere; as long as the child is not crippled to death, it will not rise to the legal level to solve. Society as a whole is generally indifferent to the emotional damage of minors, and few people consider parents scolding their children as child abuse. Behind the mask of "beating is love, scolding is love", only children can feel that it is hideous and horrible.

  The quality of parents has a lot to do with the quality of future citizens. The state should vigorously carry out parent education to improve parents' educational quality; at the same time, legislation should be enacted as soon as possible to strictly prohibit scolding children and deprive unqualified parents of the right to monitor them. For example, the right to monitor parents who force their children to run away from home again and again should be abolished, instead of catching them and educating them again and again and sending them back home.

  You don't become a gentleman by wearing a suit, you don't become a parent by having children. Being a parent requires learning and learning how to love. Learning to love is a big proposition that needs to be learned slowly, and the easiest first step is to stop scolding your children and not be a wild man in a suit.

  Special Tips

  Scolding is the worst way to educate. I never believe that those who claim that "no beating is good enough" and "a filial son is born under a stick" really have such an honest belief. This barbaric way of education has no element of "education" at all, it just allows parents to take offense.

  The child is in pain and feels guilty when he gets into trouble; the parent's scolding only makes him have no self-esteem and feel that the adults love him more for the lost money and things, and he feels that the adults don't understand him, and he feels rebellious and loses his sense of guilt. "How can the child not become more and more disobedient and careless about everything?

  When dealing with a minor, the greatest civilization for an adult is to put yourself in the child's shoes, try to understand what he is thinking and doing, and guide his growth in a way that he is comfortable with. You must treat him as a "person" and treat him as an equal, not as a "weak person" to be conquered.

  Children who grow up in a strict family environment will have low self-esteem, introversion, lack of interpersonal communication skills, lack of self-reflection and self-management skills, bad temper, and even depravity. There are also physical reactions such as vomiting, diarrhea, gastrointestinal disorders, and insomnia.

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