How to make children consciously watch less TV



It is important to minimize the temptation in strict situations, not to persuade children to resist temptation; to be "human" and compassionate to children, not "divine". I believe that every child is very grateful, and if parents are considerate of his heart in dealing with him, he will in turn repay them with his "understanding" and "obedience".

Developing the habit of reading in early childhood is also a good way to prevent him from developing a television addiction. If a child enjoys reading from an early age, his intelligence will develop better and he will find other things of interest more easily; at the same time, his mind will be more mature and rational, he will know the priorities and will not let the TV waste his time.

  Some parents disapprove of children reading at an early age, believing that children should live a relaxed life, and that it is tiring to let them read too early, and that they should wait until they are older to read - parents who think this way generally do not like to read themselves, and see reading as a tiring task. He doesn't realize how easily a child can be seduced by a book. A child whose mind is beginning to grow shows more fascination with a book than with television. The intelligence gap and wisdom gap that develops between a child growing up reading or growing up in front of the TV is huge.

  If I say that I have "controlled" Yuan Yuan in watching TV, I should say that I have been using the idea of "nurturing" to solve the problem - not to control the child's body movements, but to find ways to Instead of controlling the child's physical actions, I've been trying to find ways to guide her heart; instead of being satisfied with the child's superficial obedience, I've been letting good habits become part of the child's inner self - that's what education is all about, and that's the root of the problem, right?

  Special Tips

  ● Children who watch TV a lot before school age have a significant difference in intelligence after school compared to children who read a lot.

  It is much easier to achieve the goal of less TV viewing if you start at a very early age.

  There are many reasons why children are "unconscious," and most of them reflect long-standing educational problems in the family. The most important thing is that parents are full of power in dealing with things and do not pay attention to children's emotions, face, abilities and desires, and they tend to teach or criticize children in a direct way.

  I think the right way to control the child to watch less TV is to let him watch it when he really wants to, and not to make him feel guilty while watching it; but usually the family should do their best to turn on the TV as little as possible, and the parents themselves should exercise moderation in watching TV, set an example, and produce persuasive power by their actions, not by words. The worst situation is that the parents themselves watch TV in the living room all day, and the children run out of their own study to watch for a while, only to be reprimanded.

  Developing a child's reading habit from early childhood is also a good way to prevent him from developing a TV addiction.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities

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