Louise Pentland


Louise is a best-selling author, Vlogger, podcaster, and public speaker who shares value-added techniques for moms to live productive lives. She knows the hitches of motherhood. That’s why her voice touches the hearts of mothers.

Louise’s unmatched perfect advice, principles, rules, and tools on motherhood and passionate living inspire and thrive millions worldwide to raise cooperative and resilient kids.

She is the author of 5 Sunday Times bestselling novels, and her latest book, Mum life, perfectly explores the journey through motherhood. Visit her youtube channel to get the tools you need to cope with the difficulties of parenthood.

Kristin & Deena


Kristin and Deena are happy mothers and founders of BigLittle things. Like all other parents, they are obsessed with the mental and physical growth of toddlers. 

They are driven by their passion for providing simple, trusted, and practical advice to parents for raising emotionally resilient children. 

Kristin and Deena’s years of clinical experience as a child therapist can help parents develop good connections with their toddlers. Visit their website to access an online course for parents of 1-6 years old kids.

Jennifer Anderson


“Kids eat in color” is the voice of Jennifer, who knows how it feels when your child falls off the growth chart. 

Armed with years of experience as a registered dietitian and mom of 2 thriving kids, Jennifer helps parents focus on minor improvements and slight changes to achieve growth results in their kids.

If you are struggling to help your kids try healthy foods and do not know what to feed them for their growth, Jennifer is ideal for you.



Andrea is a mom of 4 energetic kids and founder of Raising dragons- a dedicated platform to help parents raise strong, smart, and amazing kids. 

Andrea uses the concert of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) to showcase productive activities that your kids can perform at home.

Andrea makes learning new things entertaining and interesting for the kids, and thus, parents can get help from her to increase creativity in their kids.



As a parenting expert and mother of two young children, Jessica understands how anxious and lonely it is to cope with her parents’ role at earlier stages. 

Jessica holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology, and she is the founder of Our Mama Village- a platform that helps parents bring peace at home.

Jessica is helping children express their emotions in a healthy way by providing counseling to parents.

Amy Palanjian


Amy is a mom of three toddlers, a writer, and a recipe creator. Her work is regularly published in magazines, books, and websites. 

As a mother, Amy knows how stressful it could be to feed toddlers if mothers are unaware of easy-to-make healthy toddler recipes. 

Her cookbook for kids containing step-by-step instructions of easy and nutritious recipes can help parents teach their children about healthy recipes.


Devon Kuntzman


Devon Kuntzman, PCC, is an ICF certified coach and founder of Transforming Toddlerhood on a mission to transform the myth that Toddlerhood is terrible. 

Devon empowers toddler parents to overcome the challenges of Toddlerhood, nurture development and create confidence in their skills by being the Loving Leader & Guide™ through using positive, respectful, and developmentally appropriate parenting tools. 

As a result, parents can transform their parenting, their toddler’s behavior, and their overall experience of Toddlerhood, creating a foundation for a relationship that lasts a lifetime with their child.

Jessica Milburn


Jessica is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who is passionate about building trust between parents and children.

Her own parenting philosophy helps parents believe that they are the experts on their kids. Through Jessica’s counseling, parents can learn how to deal with children at challenging and confusing times. 

Jessica is a founder of responsive parenting and helping parents be more responsible and achieve their full parenting potential.

Lizzie Assa


Lizzie Assa is a Parenting Strategist who believes that parents do not need to be perfect all the time. Her techniques follow her beliefs and help parents avoid burnout by bringing back play.

She is the founder of the Workspace for Children- a platform that helps moms foster creativity in kids.

She is a strong believer in a play-based lifestyle and she provides tools and resources to help parents create such an environment.

Dr. Sears


Dr. Sears is the father of 8 children and worked with his wife to write 40+ best-selling books and value-driven articles on parenting, nutrition, and healthy aging. 

Sears is armed with professional medical training at the world’s largest children’s hospital, Harvard Medical School’s Children’s Hospital. Since then, he has been using his years of clinical experience and his fast, warm and encouraging techniques to help parents raise their children.

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