Too much blame brings about the child's helplessness-Woodmam


 In fact, children are looking for understanding from others and expecting fair evaluation every day. The human need for survival value is stronger than survival itself. When a child is devalued to the point of being worthless, he or she can show obvious depression, which affects both health and can lead to misanthropy, and even extreme actions that can harm themselves or others.

  One of my girlfriends, who has a successful career, is very unhappy with her junior high school son and says that he is a "monster". The relationship between mother and son was very tense. One day I went to her house to meet her son alone. The older boy had attended a summer camp we organised when he was in primary school and was happy to talk to me.

  "My mother is polite to everyone else and always gets mad at me. Every day when my mother came home from work and I went to open the door, just to see her face drawn, I immediately ran back to my room and shut the door tight to save myself from being scolded."

  I said to him, "It's not easy for your mother, she's a leader at work, she has a lot to worry about, and when she comes home she has to cook and take care of you, so she's tired enough.

  "Menopause?" Before I could finish, the boy couldn't wait to take over, "My mother has been so bad-tempered with me since I started school, how come menopause is so long? You can give me a countdown to when menopause will end so I have something to look forward to."

  I laughed my head off. I changed the subject and said, "I have something I want to ask you today." When he heard the word "advice", he immediately straightened his back and said with wide eyes, "Go ahead!" He looked very dignified.

  I said to him, "I want to run a magazine under the brand name of 'Sister Zhi Xin', what size do you think is better? How can I do it so that both parents and children will love it?"

  He immediately made three suggestions: 1) the size of the magazine should not be too big, if it is too big, it will be ungrateful; 2) the articles written for parents, children will want to show them; the articles written for children, parents will want to show them to their children, this is "thinking differently"; 3) the magazine should be in good taste, the key is that the person who runs the magazine should have good taste.

  The child's idea was brilliant! I immediately said, "That's great, I think you have good taste!" He said nonchalantly, "You're right, the best thing about me is that I have good taste!"

  Six months later, our magazine "Sister in the Know" was launched and I took his advice. I thanked that boy full of wisdom from the bottom of my heart! I said to his mother, "In my judgement, your son is not a 'devil', but a genius!"

  Sure enough, a few years later, I saw my girlfriend again, who had recovered from a serious illness, "How's that 'devil' of ours?" I asked her jokingly.

  "Hey, you were right! He's gone to England to study and is a student leader! Now my son and I are very 'firm'!"

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