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 Are children born unable to love others? No. Then what is the root cause of "love loss disorder"? It is the "extreme love", "overindulgence" and "unlimited indulgence" of parents that breeds selfishness in children, so that they have only themselves in their minds and no one else.

  Someone once did an experiment: put a frog in hot water, it will immediately instinctively jump out and run away; but put a frog in a glass of cold water, put an alcohol stove under the glass of water, lit and slowly heated, the frog in the glass is very comfortable, slowly get used to the temperature, and finally boiled alive, but still do not know how to die. The reason for this is, as the experts say, "deep love is a greater distortion of personality than great hatred, because the former is hard to resist by the object of spoiling, and this is precisely the common characteristic of Chinese one-child families."

  All parents under heaven love their children, but they do not necessarily love them. Deng Yingchao once said, "A mother's heart is always kind, but a kind heart must be used well; if it is not used well, the result will be counterproductive." Excessive care and coddling actually deprives the child of the right to suffer appropriate setbacks and difficulties and to learn to love and care for others. Such a child grows up with a sense of enjoyment rather than devotion; a sense of self without others; a sense of self without others in the emotional world. The seed of "love" thus bears the fruit of hate.

  There are two kinds of needs at birth: material needs and spiritual needs. As a result, not only do they cause themselves emotional pain and suffering, but they also cause their children's spiritual world to become barren, and even form personality deficiencies, so that when they go out into society, they do not fit in with the people around them, and in some cases, they even go the other way.

  Children are the mirror of their parents. If the problem is with the child, the root of the problem may be with the child themselves.

  What is true love? What is harm?

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