Mindful growth requires tolerance-Woodmam


  When a person is desperate, what he or she needs most is the tolerance of loved ones. Mum and dad will always be the last line in a child's heart, and family will always be the last place for a wanderer to return to.

  If adults can tolerate children, they will have the courage to face their mistakes head on, to correct them and to try new things. In this regard, the great Chinese educator Tao Xingzhi has set an example for us.

  When Mr Tao Xingzhi was the headmaster of Yucai School, this happened: one day he saw a boy, Wang You, smashing a boy in his own class with a clay lump on the school grounds, Tao Xingzhi immediately stopped him and told him to come to the headmaster's office after school.

  After school, Wang You was standing in front of the principal's office early, ready to be reprimanded. Tao Xingzhi approached him, but upon meeting him he pulled out a piece of candy and gave it to Wang You, saying, "This is a prize for you for coming here on time while I was late."

  Wang You took the candy in astonishment. Tao Xingzhi then took out another piece of candy and put it into his hand and said, "This second piece of candy is also a prize for you because when I did not let you hit anyone else, you immediately stopped, which shows that you respect me and I should reward you."

  Wang You was even more stunned, his eyes widened, wondering what the headmaster wanted.

  Tao Xingzhi took out a third piece of candy and put it in Wang You's hand, "I have investigated, you hit those boys with clay because they did not follow the rules of the game and bullied the girls; you hit them, which proves that you are decent and kind and have the courage to fight against the bad guys, so you should be rewarded!"

  Wang You was so moved that he shouted regretfully with tears streaming down his face, "Tao ...... Principal Tao, hit me twice! It's not the bad guys I'm smashing, but my own classmates ah ......"

  Tao Xingzhi smiled with satisfaction, he then took out a fourth piece of candy and handed it to Wang You, saying, "For your correct understanding of your mistake, I will reward you with another piece of candy, it's just a pity that I only have this one piece of candy left. When my candy is finished, I think our conversation should also be finished!"

  What a clever headmaster! He touched the child's heart with a reward instead of a punishment. "A good teacher is good when he is close to his teacher." When a child is embraced by the broad-mindedness of the headmaster, he feels a deep gratitude and a strong sense of shock that will last him a lifetime. In this case, there is no need to "criticise" or "blame", the child himself will already be convinced of his mistake.

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