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Therefore, correct, comprehensive and meticulous observation of all kinds of observations is actually the key to success in life.

Cultivating his observation ability today will not only help him develop a certain factor in his studies, but also help him succeed in his entire life in the future.

4.4 Every child is a little observer

An outstanding expert in any field, and an observer at the same time.

If you are a scientist, you must be an observer in the scientific field; if you are a politician, you must be an observer in the political field; if you are an economist, you must be an observer in the economic field; if you are in business and industry, you are in business and industry. Observer; you are engaged in education, you must be an observer of education; if you are a good teacher, you are a good observer of students' psychology, learning, and various performances.

To be a good parent, you must be a good observer of children and the knowledge, theories, phenomena, experiences and lessons of family education.

The cultivation of observation ability seems to solve learning problems when I was young, and solve all aspects of life when I am old. Therefore, we must pay attention to cultivate children's observation ability.

It is necessary to cultivate children's observation ability before school age.

A good student is a good observer of aspects of learning: situations, circumstances, conditions, and subjective factors. Students can also be small observers, observing the course of study, the situation of the academic year, the situation of the primary school, middle school, and university, the situation of the school, classmates, teachers, and their own family.

Being able to make this observation allows you to arrange your own learning.

4.5 The Origin of Observation Ability

Then, all these observational abilities originate from the positivity of observation, upward positivity, interest positivity, self-confidence positivity, attention positivity, and perseverance positivity cultivated since childhood.

Thinking about it this way, do your friends find that cultivating children's observation ability, although it is very important and very important, is actually not difficult to do.

Cultivating children's observation ability is to start from five aspects: cultivating children's interest in observation, his competition, upward awareness, and self-confidence.

Therefore, to cultivate children's observation ability, don't stop at teaching children observation techniques, but add a lot of observation training. What is important is appreciation, praise, encouragement and example after training, so that children can quickly form the enthusiasm of these five aspects.

In this way, the cultivation of observation ability should be easy.

Family teaching motto:

In a sense, the improvement of learning ability is to use the five kinds of positivity to motivate, drive, and promote the use and development of the eight kinds of intelligence. More specifically, in the eight intelligent aspects of observation, memory, thinking (three types), listening, speaking and reading, language operation and expression, learning self-management ability, we must start from the cultivation of five kinds of enthusiasm.

To cultivate children's observation ability, the most important thing is to cultivate children's upward enthusiasm in observation, that is, to enhance and improve their awareness of observation; to cultivate children's interest in observation; to cultivate children's self-confidence in observation; to cultivate children's attention to observation; Cultivate children's self-shaping ability of observation and perseverance in training.

To train observation ability, we must first train children's interest in observation. Once the interest is established, the child's observation ability will continue to develop itself. If you can't build interest, and parents try to train their children, the effect is not necessarily good, and it may even have the opposite effect.

On the basis of observation interest, make children have upward enthusiasm in observation - the desire to pursue high goals, which is a huge driving force for the development of children's observation ability.

It is also necessary to make children feel that they are good at observing and their observation ability is very good.

We should especially appreciate the performance of the child's concentration in observation, so that the child can be better at focusing his attention.

The child was appreciated and praised nine times out of ten observations, and one time he was slightly criticized and supplemented. This kind of frustration education and perseverance education is particularly important.

If the child is not depressed after being subjected to such criticism and supplementation, the parents will immediately shape his perseverance and affirm his enthusiasm in the quality of his will.

Observation is the foundation of intelligence. And the observation is in all aspects: not only observe the nature, but also observe the society; not only observe the aspects of learning, but also observe the aspects of life. The cultivation of observation ability seems to solve learning problems when I was young, and solve all aspects of life problems when I am old.

Observation ability combined with thinking ability is a great ability useful for life. Combining good observation with good memory and thinking, the child's overall intelligence is at a high level.

5 Cultivation of memory ability

The game memory method is the best way to cultivate memory, and it is also the most effective attitude and method to cultivate memory.

The extension of the game memory method is the game learning method and the game work method.

5.1 The memory potential of people is very large

Memory is something that a person needs and can cultivate from childhood to adulthood and to old age.

It can be cultivated from an early age, and it should be cultivated from a very young age until old age. No matter how old you are, you can continue to develop your memory skills.

The potential of human memory ability is very great, and it is all being tapped. Scientists say that the utilization rate of human brain cells usually does not exceed 15%. For some people who don't use their brains much, the brain usage rate is not even 15%, or even less than 10%.

The brain has great potential, and many people waste this resource in vain.

5.2 The first element of memory is responsibility

The first element of cultivating memory must start with five positivity.

I used to train my memory a lot when I was a kid. I remember going to the library to read books for a whole day at that time. If I deliberately did not bring a notebook, when I came back at night, I trained myself to make up notes on everything I read that day, and the requirements were the same as taking notes on the spot.

This is the training of memory.

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