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 In this world, many people become big people, there are many people will always be small people, big people are respected, small people live a lifetime of ordinary and insignificant life, in terms of the meaning of life, both are beyond reproach.

  And if you want to explore the difference between the two, it is very relevant. One of the essential differences between the big man and the little man is, again, an important reason for the learning difference. That difference is willpower. Willpower, not explosive power, but a resilience, indestructible is often exactly this seemingly thin but full of strength after the endurance.

  When we were in physical education class at school, we often did double-handed suspension exercises. Usually stick to the bar for ten minutes and feel that they can no longer hold on, and jump safely from the bar to the ground. But let's imagine an unexpected situation where your hands are holding not the bar 2 meters above the ground, but the wing 1000 meters above the ground, and you don't know when you are rescued, so you have to hold on patiently, and then maybe you can hold on beyond an hour or even longer, and that's where willpower comes into play. People have many limits, usually, people are unable to go beyond the limits, so many people do things, including children learning, to the time of hardship and difficulty, it is easy to give up, just like jumping from the bar to the ground.

  Success is often about holding on for a little while longer when it's the toughest. Your child's learning is the same, learning is a very hard thing, your child can not stand out among the many children, lies in the encounter with difficulties when the will to have enough strength.

  Learning is like nailing a nail, the nail to nail into the wood, one by drilling, two by squeezing. Drill is hard work, never give up when you encounter a problem, do not stop until it is completely solved, so that the knowledge will have a deeper understanding; squeeze is like squeezing the water of the sponge, the full use of zero corner marginal time, so that the learning time will be substantially longer. Both "drill" and "squeeze" require us to pay more than the ordinary will.

  However, the will is linked to the goal. Without a goal, one's will is easily disconnected, and the will needs a goal to ensure it. One of the most important qualities in life is the ability to accomplish, which is the most outstanding quality of all geniuses.

  Focus on one thing

  The sun is great enough for the earth, in the absence of any medium, can only shine on the earth itself, but if you use a magnifying glass, the great and diffuse sunlight focused on a certain point, you can ignite a match. Can cook can boil eggs of the sun stove is also the use of the principle of focus, many facts tell us that focus can produce miracles.

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