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 First, students who have missed class due to business or illness and need to make up for it.

  Second, for the mastery and understanding of basic concepts, which can be explained to the classmates.

  Third, to analyze together after the examination the reasons for specific errors.

  Fourth, for difficult problems in homework can be discussed with the active participation of classmates.

  The basic requirements for developing a selfless approach to helping classmates are.

  (1) Parents must set an example

  Parents must be eager to help the weak and help those in need in their lives. In this society, only helping each other can constitute a perfect world. Of course, helping others must not be for the sake of acquiring anything, but a selfless and frank self-awareness.

  (2) Encourage your child to start small

  When encouraging children to help their classmates, whether in life or in school, things do not matter how big or small, but rather in helping with heart and initiative, starting with small things is precisely the key to cultivating helping others. By being mindful, I mean firmly believing that other people's business must be more important than one's own.

  (3) Focus on achievability

  The principles and truths that parents need to emphasize often must be achievable. Combine them with the reality of your own studies, use your strengths to help your classmates, and gradually develop methods.

  Highly efficient exams

  Examination is to complete the questions and requirements asked by the questioner within the specified time. The ability to take exams is a must for every modern person, and everyone has to face many exams in their life, such as interviews, and choices in critical life transitions. It can be said that test-taking education is negative, but test-taking ability is eternal.

  The essence of examination is to accept the challenge. When a student enters the examination room, he or she enters a specific compound field, which is not only the verification field of knowledge memory, but also the psychological game field between the test taker and the question writer, and the target field of knowledge activation and application. Let's think about how to gradually improve test-taking ability from the connotation of these three "fields".

  Generally speaking, examinations can be divided into two categories, one is acceptance examinations, which are mainly set for teachers to fully understand students' learning status and knowledge mastery, and also to do some previews for future selection examinations, such as unit examinations, mid-term examinations, final examinations, etc.; the second is selection examinations, which are characterized by strong elimination, and all students are arranged and grouped according to different levels for The second is the selection test, which is characterized by strong elimination, arranging all students and treating them differently according to different levels, such as school selection test, promotion test and competition.

  From a practical point of view, the former serves the latter in any case, and the simulated risks of the former accumulate experience for the latter, as well as exercise the mental toughness needed for the latter, and also gain self-identity through the training of the former. As long as the regular victory through the acceptance test, the self often get the hint of success, accumulate this success psychological strength, and finally will be reflected in the latter.

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