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 One suggestion is for parents to use their own mouths as little as possible to give guidance and advice to their children. The best way is to let the child make his own analysis and judgment, while you remain a listener and provide simple guidance to the child's analysis and judgment. Parents say more, the child may not listen, but after his own thinking to reach a conclusion, will really become his own experience.

  So you may want to use the "do it yourself" approach, which is to guide the child to analyze and make judgments on their own, the parents are just listeners.

  You can try the following approaches.

  (1) Ask your child directly

  Note that "ask" is not a "rhetorical question", let alone a "questioning". Parents should ask calmly on the basis of acceptance and recognition of the child's feelings. For example, "It's true that it's unfair for teacher x to treat you like that. But have you ever thought about what his purpose was in doing that?"

  (2) Let the child put himself in someone else's shoes

  For example, "It's true that teacher x was wrong to lecture you without knowing all the facts. Teachers can make mistakes too. Besides, teacher x thinks highly of you (cite some facts), so I think he probably expects a lot from you and is anxious to see your faults. What do you think?"

  (3) Directly evaluate the child's behavior

  For example, "I think you are right to do this, you should not stand by and do nothing about this kind of thing, and you should tell your teacher and classmates your reasons for doing this." "No, I don't agree with you doing this. Xiaoqin is hurting you by doing this, but you will also hurt her by doing this, so why do we have to lose both?"

  (4) Spell out clearly the problem your child is facing

  For example, "So, you're in a situation where your classmates think you're the one who told the teacher off, so they don't talk to you, right? I can understand how hard it must be for you right now." Offer some information, advice and options. "I heard there's a ball game tonight, would you feel better if you went to a game with Kim? I can pay you if you really want to do that." "What do you think of ......?" "Would it help if ...... would help?"

  (5) Give some fantasies that are impossible to achieve in real life

  For example, "It would be nice if the contents of books could be transported to the brain through a machine, which I heard scientists are working on."

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