• Handy Notes-Woodmam

    Handy Notes-Woodmam

      Any child who is at the top of his or her studies is generally a person with a heart, both in studies and in life. If you look at the great men and women of the world who have achieved great things, they are all thoughtful people.  And to be a person with a heart, one of the most obvious features is to be able...
  • Write a little every day-Woodmam

    Write a little every day-Woodmam

     The worst thing about writing is to sit down in front of your desk with a pen and paper ready and tell yourself "I'm going to write". The key to improving your writing skills is to write a little every day.  A. Guide to write when you think of it. There is no limit to what you can write about, so let your child play...
  • Free and easy essay-Woodmam

    Free and easy essay-Woodmam

      At present, writing is a painful task for many children, but this does not mean that children nowadays are inherently bad at writing, they can easily and happily write a diary or a letter in one go, a good prose by literary standards. But when they finish the essay assigned by the teacher, the situation changes, and their inner thoughts are either fighting with...
  • Focus on test-taking awareness-Woodmam

    Focus on test-taking awareness-Woodmam

     (1) Meditate for a moment to focus on test-taking awareness  When your child opens the exam paper, the most important thing is not to immediately pick up the pen and do the questions, but to spend about 2 to 3 minutes in meditation (as mentioned above), and then focus on the test to form a stable and calm consciousness, that is, to enter a state...
  • Highly efficient exams-Woodmam

    Highly efficient exams-Woodmam

     First, students who have missed class due to business or illness and need to make up for it.  Second, for the mastery and understanding of basic concepts, which can be explained to the classmates.  Third, to analyze together after the examination the reasons for specific errors.  Fourth, for difficult problems in homework can be discussed with the active participation of classmates.  The basic requirements for developing a selfless...
  • Get up to speed-Woodmam

    Get up to speed-Woodmam

      Steps to train children to read books slowly.  (1) Cultivate and train attention  Attention is a manifestation of will and at the same time a gate without which all words and information cannot really enter the child's mind. Training a child's attention can be practiced with the help of some good methods, one of the most effective methods is the eye-training method. It is to take...
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