Psychologically build children's anti-abduction awareness

Are you a proud mom who thinks she takes care of her own baby? However, inadvertently, your words and deeds have run away again and again, making the baby disappointed with his mother——

Runaway Mom 1: I don't care what I say

"Yesterday, Mengmeng had two small wads on her hair, like Nezha, very beautiful. Mom, I also want to..." Guoguo, who was wearing socks, stopped and said with great interest. While her mother quickly helped her put on the sweater, she stopped impatiently: "Okay, don't talk about it, put your clothes on quickly, you're going to be late for kindergarten, why don't you know you're in a hurry?" The excitement was immediately replaced by a look of disappointment.

Disappointed baby: The mother will not consider my wishes for the child whose conversation is always interrupted. Over time, he will lose interest in talking with his mother and become taciturn - they will think that what they say is nothing, which seriously affects the communication between parents and children; Once this happens, the child's self-expression ability will gradually decline.

Appropriate way: let her say it happily When the child wants to say something, the mother must give her the opportunity to express it and let her say it happily. When the child is silent, she should be encouraged to express her thoughts, dissatisfaction or grievances, and let him learn to express himself. In fact, listening to the child's words is also a process for the mother to understand the child. For example, if Guo Aimi's psychology is revealed in her speech to the mother, the mother can take the corresponding "education plan" according to the baby's words to correct the deviation.

Runaway Mom 2: Don't give me a chance to plead for my wrongdoing

Fanfan and his cousin had an argument while playing a racing game. The cousin overturned the track and stepped on Fanfan's favorite racing car. Fanfan was so angry that he punched his cousin and was criticized by his mother. Fanfan refused to accept: "Mom, I beat my brother because he..." "Shut up! Is it reasonable for you to beat someone?" Fanfan felt very wronged, and he was indeed provoked by his cousin.

Disappointed baby: Give up the right to defend yourself Children who always hear "you don't need to explain" will gradually give up the right to defend themselves and suffer a lot of grievances silently; such a heavy psychological burden is likely to lead to psychological problems in the child. Fanfan's mother's attitude conveys a message to her children: If you do something wrong, you can only be criticized and punished. What else can be explained!

Appropriate practice: allow complaints. If the child defends after doing something he shouldn't do, the mother must finish the sentence, and then ask the child if this is the case, analyze the ins and outs of the matter together, and fairly point out the children's right. Right and wrong, impartiality, and then deal with it as appropriate, so that both the beating and the beating are convinced.

Runaway Mom 3: Mom doesn't really care about me

Mom asked Zhaozhao, who was playing with building blocks in the living room, "Baby, how was your day in kindergarten?" Then she went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Zhaozhao looked at his mother's back and said, "The teacher praised me for the big tree I drew..." Seeing that her mother didn't respond, Zhaozhao stopped talking.

Disappointed baby: Prevailing with "nothing", "just enough", "is it ok" and asking similar questions while busy cooking and tidying up the room, it is easy to give the child the illusion that what the mother really cares about is what she does in her hands Things, didn't pay attention to me at all. This undoubtedly sets a bad example for the child—showing that he can also be absent-minded when answering his mother's questions, and simply prevaricate it with "nothing," "just enough," and "it's alright."

Appropriate practice: Sit down, look at him, listen carefully Children are actually most concerned about their mother's attitude towards them, and they need undivided attention. If you're busy, you might as well take a break from your work after asking the question, sit down, look at him, listen carefully, and respond appropriately. Your actions tell your child that you do have the time and interest to listen to his story.

Runaway Mom 4: Never ask me what I think

Mom put clothes and toys in a big bag and said, "Jiajia, you need to listen to the teacher when you go to kindergarten. If you don't understand anything, just ask the teacher. Mom will pick you up on Friday..." Jiajia cried: " No, I don't want to live in the kindergarten! Why don't you ask me if I'm willing or not, and let me live in the boarding house?" "I'll ask you whether you agree or not on the matter that the adults decide?"

Disappointed baby: insecure With this method, a mother can cultivate an "obedient child", but at the same time it also cultivates a child who has no assertiveness, no ability to judge, loses self-confidence and has no sense of security. For those children with strong personalities, this trick works on the surface, but the children still insist on their own ideas in their hearts, and there is more disgust for this kind of "overbearing", which is easy to strengthen the child's rebellious psychology and fight against the mother .

Appropriate practice: listen to what he thinks When it comes to the child's decision, the mother must talk to the child and listen to what he thinks. "Reasonable" is a good approach. For example, mother can say to Jiajia: "Dad is going abroad next year, and mother is very busy and has no time to take care of you. Would you like to go to kindergarten for full care, or live at grandma's house for a year?" In this way, Jiajia is also happy to accept full care from mother decision.

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