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Many parents blindly hope that their children will become dragons, only pay attention to the intellectual development of their children, and ignore the cultivation of basic life and survival ability, so that children are favored since childhood, they are highly dependent, have poor sense of independence, do not know how to control themselves, and do not know how to manage their own time. This is not only detrimental to the physical and mental growth of the child, but also makes the child a "parasite" without assertiveness. "Survival" is the foundation of "development". Only by meeting the basic ability of survival required by the society can there be better opportunities for development.

For children, the ability to live independently is very important. When a child grows up, he will eventually become an independent person. Parents should focus on the child's ability to live independently from a young age.

【Parent-child scene】

Case 1:

Since Taotao was 6 years old, his mother began to cultivate his ability to live independently, so as long as it is within his power, Taotao can do it by himself.

After Taotao went to primary school, he often played with his friends until he came home late, and his whole body was dirty. At first, his mother would help him wash, but later his mother said to him: "Mom will not be responsible for washing you in the future. Clothes, you have to learn how to do laundry yourself." Then his mother helped him prepare the things he needed to do the laundry, and taught him how to do it hand by hand.

With the help of her mother, Taotao also learned to cook and wash dishes. Recently, Mom and Dad went on a trip. Taotao was at home by herself and took good care of herself. Mom and Dad felt very relieved.

Independence in life makes Taotao very independent in learning. Recently, in the third grade, he was elected as the monitor because of his outstanding academic performance and various abilities.

Case 2:

There is an old couple near the entrance of the fishing village. They have a son. They take good care of this precious son.

When the child was 6 years old, he once came to the river to play with other children. When the old couple came out to look for the child, they saw their son actually playing in the river. They were so scared that they pulled the son up and beat him on the spot as a warning.

From then on, they kept their eyes on their son and asked him not to step into the water for half a step. Whenever the boy saw other children playing happily in the water, he would be very envious. Sometimes, he could not help but step out his feet, but under the strict eyes of his parents, he had to give up the idea of ​​​​going into the water.

Unfortunately, on the boy's 10th birthday, a flood flooded the entire village. With the help of adults, other children managed to escape by swimming. However, the little boy sank to the bottom after choking on a few mouthfuls of turbid water. , left the old couple forever.

The sad parents kept complaining to God, but they never understood that this result was caused by their excessive care for their children.

【Expert Analysis】

It is impossible for children to be cared for by their parents all their lives. They will eventually leave their parents' arms and go to the society independently. This requires them to master the ability to live independently and have the ability to survive on their own, so that they can grow into talents that the society needs.

From the birth of a child to starting a family and starting a business, it is a process of gradually moving from dependence to independence. If children are too dependent on their parents, they will not be able to face society independently. Therefore, it is better for parents to teach them how to fish if they feed their children fish. Let children learn the skills of independent survival, children can grow up more smoothly.

Therefore, as children grow older, it is necessary for parents to give their children enough freedom and let them take control of their own lives. Because children are given the opportunity to be independent, children feel trusted and respected, and therefore respect their parents more. Parents should view the growth of their children rationally, and let them do their best, sweat and eat their own food.

Children who can live independently often have a sound personality, strong self-esteem and self-confidence, and will keep a clear head even in the face of difficult problems; they also have a strong will, and they will overcome difficulties in the face of difficulties. Children who can live independently will also apply the spirit of independence to learning, and have strong self-learning ability and scientific spirit.

Society is complex. To become an independent person in society, a child must have an independent spirit. A child who lacks independence cannot meet the needs of society. Americans believe that the two most important things in a person's life are education and independence. Instead of picking up a toddler who falls in the middle of a walk, American parents encourage the child to stand up on their own. Although it will be distressed, this is the child's own life and must be solved by the child himself.

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