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Method 1: Create a good reading environment for children

If parents want to improve their children's reading ability, they must strive to create a good reading environment for their children. If conditions permit, they can prepare a study room for their children, put a bookshelf in it, and place books that children like to read, so that children can read freely. Favorite books, cultivate interest in reading, and make children fall in love with reading.

When children read, parents can read with their children. The improvement of reading ability is a gradual process, which can cultivate children to gradually form a stable reading habit. In addition, reading with children can also create a good reading atmosphere and help parents communicate with their children about the content of reading at any time.

Popper was a Jewish thinker. His parents valued the influence of the family environment on their children. In Popper's house, except for the dining room, the rest of the place is full of books. In the library at home, there are tens of thousands of books by famous artists.

Those books became a part of Popper's life before he could fully read them. Popper later said that the Swedish author Selma's "The Adventures of Nils Riding the Goose" had been read to them by his mother, and that Popper would re-read the book every year for many years to come. Extensive reading laid the foundation for Popper to become a thinker.

Children are very malleable and imitative. Parents who practice reading and reading newspapers will have a subtle influence on their children. Parents also need to buy some books suitable for their children, such as fairy tales, legends, children's pictorials, famous books and so on. In addition, you can discuss the content of the book with your children, let them express their opinions, and develop their reading comprehension ability.

The mother of US President George W. Bush is very serious about reading with her children, she said: "I always read with my children as much as possible, and sometimes, I also let them read to me. My children grow up until they grow up. After that, I kept the habit of reading with me. When they were on vacation or when they had free time, we would take turns reading a famous book. Sometimes we would discuss the highlights.”

Method 2: Let the children clarify the purpose of reading

If there is no purpose and plan when reading, reading is like looking for a needle in a haystack, in vain. Without a clear purpose for reading, reading time is wasted and not put to good use.

Children's time is inherently limited, so under the guidance of a clear purpose, they should choose the books they need most and the books that are most meaningful to them, so that reading can play the role.

Edison was the great American inventor. He once set a goal for himself to read all the books in the library, so he started to read from the first bookshelf and wanted to read them in sequence. Edison was a man of great perseverance, and according to his personality, it was entirely possible that he would read as long as he wanted.

Later, the administrator of the library said to him: "Reading must be purposeful. If there is no purpose, there will be no gain, because time is limited after all." Interested in books on the natural sciences, and eventually became a world-famous inventor.

Children study for a variety of purposes, some are to pass the time, some are to enrich their knowledge, and some are simply to cope with exams. Parents should let their children clear the purpose of reading, and under the guidance of clear goals, choose books and methods that are suitable for them to read.

Parents should let their children realize that reading is mainly for academic service. Therefore, the main purpose is to improve their grades first, and the second is to develop their own hobbies and interests. After completing their homework, they can read a lot. The book, so that he has become both knowledgeable and professional.

Method 3: Teach children how to improve reading efficiency

In the process of reading, it is very necessary to master fast reading methods and improve reading efficiency. To improve reading efficiency, first of all, let children abandon some bad study habits, such as silent reading, reading word by word, constantly reviewing the content that has been read, etc. Only by changing these bad habits, will the reading efficiency be continuously improved.

Children's reading ability is not achieved overnight. It is a gradual process. Therefore, parents should teach children basic reading methods, so that children can improve reading efficiency under scientific reading methods.

The most common reading methods are:

Extensive reading. Children's books can be divided into in-class and out-of-class. Children read all kinds of extracurricular books on the basis of taking good care of the books in class. Don't just look at one person's work, learn from the strengths of others, increase the number of readings, and then select.

Intensive reading. Mr. Lu Xun advocated that on the basis of "extensive reading", choose the content that interests you to study in depth, otherwise you will not make achievements in the field you are good at. During intensive reading, you must learn to analyze and understand the content, and try to read and recite to improve your reading ability.

Purposeful reading. When the child encounters a problem, you can guide the child to read purposefully with the problem. In this kind of reading, children can be taught how to use reference books and how to find corresponding reference books according to problems.

Thematic reading. That is, extensive and in-depth reading on a topic. For example, when a child is writing a composition on a certain theme, he can recommend the child to read excellent articles or works of famous authors on the same theme, which is very beneficial to inspire broader writing ideas.

When children master scientific reading methods, their reading ability will have a great improvement.

Method 4: Learn to arrange reading time reasonably

In the process of reading, reasonable arrangement of reading time has a great impact on improving children's learning efficiency and improving their learning ability.

Every child has his own schedule and habits, and parents should choose the best reading time for their children on this basis. Children are young and have poor self-control, so the phenomenon of wasting time is serious. Parents should properly restrain their children. When children are reading, they should maintain a high degree of concentration and avoid wasting time. Parents can make a reading schedule for their children, and arrange the order of reading according to the depth of the reading content and the relationship between the content.

Parents also need to teach their children how to use the fragmented time to use less and accumulate more for their own use. Fragmented time such as queuing and riding can be used for reading. Children learn to arrange reading time reasonably, which can not only be used as a leisure, but also increase their knowledge and enrich the spiritual world.

Method 5: Teach your child to take notes while reading

Franklin said: "When reading, it is advisable to prepare notes and pamphlets. When encountering novel and useful allusions, use short sentences to excerpt them. This method has three advantages: copying by hand, concentrating on sentences, and memory is stronger; future behaviors Speeches can be quoted; even if they have no real utility, they can add social interest.

Pu Songling, an outstanding writer in the Qing Dynasty, began to engage in literary creation when he was 40 years old. Because his family was poor and could not afford books, he went to borrow books, and when he borrowed good books, he copied them down and studied them repeatedly.

He also carefully recorded folk anecdotes and strange stories, and accumulated a large amount of notes. After more than 20 years of collection, sorting, and processing, he wrote "Strange Tales from a Liaozhai" at the age of 70, leaving a valuable literary wealth for future generations.

Taking reading notes while reading can make children concentrate, at the same time, it can promote the development of children's thinking ability and strengthen children's memory. Therefore, parents should teach children how to take reading notes.

The main methods of taking notes are: blank marks in the original book. Use different symbols to express different meanings according to your own hobbies; extract incisive arguments and conclusions; see the information you need in newspapers and journals, classify and cut them; also learn to write reading experience, write down key points, experience, etc. Slowly accumulate, children's reading ability will be greatly improved.

Method 6: Correct your child's bad reading habits

Developing good reading habits is not only conducive to the improvement of reading ability, but also to the healthy development of children's mind and body. For example, it is necessary to get rid of the bad habit of children being too close to or too far from books when reading, pay attention to reading hygiene; correct children's bad habits such as disregarding the intensity of light when reading, reading while eating, so that children can read in a good reading environment. read. The most important thing is to let children pay attention to their thoughts and take positive measures to remind themselves to correct bad reading habits.

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