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  Lowering your standards is only lying to yourself. Like the Dragon Gate, the door to true success cannot be lowered. To find true success, it's better to jump the door that doesn't lower the height!

  The right one is the best one

  The city mouse is fond of the prosperity of the city, so it survives dangerously in the circumstance with people; the country mouse faces the earth and lives peacefully by simple labor.

  In Aesop's Fables, there is a story about a country mouse and a city mouse: The city mouse and the country mouse were good friends. One day, the country mouse wrote a letter to the city mouse, and the letter read: "Brother city mouse, please come to my house to play when you have time. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the countryside and the fresh air. I don't know what you think about living a leisurely life."

  After receiving the letter, the city mouse was so happy that he immediately set out for the countryside. When he arrived there, the country mouse took out a lot of barley and wheat and put them in front of the city mouse. The city mouse said disdainfully, "How can you live in such poverty all the time? How tedious it is to live here with nothing but no shortage of food! Why don't you come and play at my house? I will treat you well." So the country mouse followed the city mouse into the city.

  When the country mouse saw such a luxurious and clean house, he was very envious. Thinking of himself in the countryside from morning to night, running on the farmland, barley and wheat as food, and in winter, he had to collect grain on that cold snow, and in summer, he was even more tired and sweaty, compared with the city mouse, he was really too unfortunate.

  After chatting for a while, they climbed to the table and started to enjoy the delicious food. Suddenly, "bang", the door opened, someone walked in. They were startled and flew into a hole in the corner. The country mouse was so frightened that he forgot his hunger, thought for a while, put on his hat and said to the city mouse: "The peaceful life in the countryside still suits me better. Although there are luxurious houses and delicious food here, but every day is nervous, rather than go back to the country to eat wheat to come happy." After saying that, the country mouse left the city and went back to the country.

  The city mouse is fond of the prosperity of the city, so it survives dangerously in the circle with people; the country mouse faces the earth and lives peacefully by simple labor. We cannot say which is the better way of life.

  There are no two identical leaves in the world, in that case, why do we need to glance at other people's lives. In fact, what suits you is the best!

  Choosing a method is more important than effort

  Do anything to clarify your purpose, do not be busy for the sake of being busy, in the end, for nothing.

  A friend wanted to hang a painting in the living room, so he asked his neighbor to help, the painting had been held up on the wall and was about to smash the nails. The neighbor said, "This is not good, it is better to nail two wooden blocks and hang the calligraphy and painting on it." My friend listened to the neighbor's advice and asked him to help find a saw. After two or three strokes, the neighbor said, "No, the saw is too dull, it needs to be sharpened."

  So the neighbor left the saw to find a file. The file was brought, and he found that the handle of the file was broken. In order to give the file a new handle, he picked up the axe and went into the woods to look for small trees. Just to cut the tree, he found that the rusty axe head really can not be used, must be sharpened.

  After sharpening the stone to find the neighbor and found that to sharpen the axe faster, you have to use a wooden bar to fix the sharpening stone. For this reason, he went out again to find a carpenter, saying that the carpenter's house has a ready-made wooden strips.

  However, this departure, the friend never saw his neighbor back. Of course, the painting, the friend still side a nail to nail it to the wall. The next day when the friend saw the neighbor again was in the street, he was helping the carpenter from the hardware store to carry a bulky chainsaw out.

  Be clear about your purpose in everything you do, don't be busy for the sake of being busy and end up being busy for nothing. Now ask yourself why you are busy? Being busy is not the same as being efficient. You don't need to be busy to live an efficient life - busy is the excuse of the unproductive.

  There were two ants trying to get over a wall to find food on the other side.

  One ant didn't hesitate to climb up to the foot of the wall, but when it got most of the way up, it fell down due to exhaustion and fatigue. However, it was not discouraged and fell down again and again, and then quickly adjusted itself and started climbing up again.

  Another ant watched for a while and decided to go around the wall. Soon, this ant went around the wall to the food and started to enjoy it.

  Embrace the good mood

  When people are in a bad mood, they unconsciously hold their bad mood tighter; they close the door and don't talk to people, sulk with their mouths, lock their brows and think about things, and end up in a worse and sadder mood. So people have to learn to let go of their moods and refuse to let it torture them.

  If we want to have a good mood, we have to get out of our bad moods and come out of the dead end of worry. Please let go of the baggage of your mood, examine it clearly, see what is the truth, leave it behind and try to solve it. What is garbage, thoughts that create trouble for you, be ruthless and put it away, this will be able to cope with it and bring a good mood and a clear mind. Therefore, everyone should learn to let go and learn to cut off.

  Speaking of letting go and letting go, there is a vivid and inspiring story in Nebula's Zen Words. The story is about a traveler who was passing a precipitous cliff and accidentally fell down the valley. Now put down your hand that is clinging to the branch." But the traveler persisted in not letting go of his hand, saying, "If you let go of your hand, you are bound to fall into the abyss and be broken to pieces." The traveler then clung to the branch even more and refused to let go. The Buddha could not save such an obsessed person. A bad mood is to cling to a certain thought and hold on to it tightly, refusing to let go of it to find new opportunities, to discover new space for thinking, and so to fall into a fog of sorrow.

  In fact, people just need to change their minds, adjust their attitudes, or change their work habits, you can make yourself a new state of mind. As long as we are willing to make some changes, we can leave behind the bad mood and meet the new situation.

  One woman used to look sad every day, and the smallest thing seemed to cause anxiety and tension. Her child's bad grades would make her worry all day, and a few thoughtless words from her husband would make her gloomy. She said, "Almost every single thing that happened would be coiled in my mind for a long time, causing a bad mood and affecting my life and work." One day she had an important meeting, but frustration lingered, and looking at her face in the mirror, she was surprisingly lethargic. She called her friend and asked, "What should I do? How can I attend an important meeting when I'm depressed and I look haggard and unrefreshed?" Her friend told her, "Put down what is depressing you, wash your face to get rid of the sad look of listlessness, groom your face to increase your self-confidence, and think that you are the one who is pleased and happy. Attention! Pretend to be happy and confident, you will feel better. Soon you will be laughing and smiling." "She did as she was told and told her friend on the phone that evening, "I managed to attend this meeting and get a new plan and job. I didn't think that by putting on a strong confidence, confidence would really come; by putting on a good mood, the bad mood would naturally disappear."

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