The Donkey in the Dry Well-woodmam

Another shovel of dirt fell into the dry well, and the donkey was surprisingly quiet. It was noticed that after that, every time the mud hit its back, the donkey did an amazing thing: it tried to shake off the mud on its back and stepped on its feet to make itself a little higher.

  People kept shoveling the mud into the dry well, and the donkey kept shaking off the mud that hit its back to raise itself a little more. In this way, the donkey slowly rose to the mouth of the dry well, and walked out of the dry well in a dashing manner amidst the astonished eyes of the onlookers.

  If you were in a dry well now, your cry for help might be replaced by the mud that buries you. But the donkey has taught us the secret of getting out of the desperate situation, that is, to shake off the mud on our backs, so that the mud that buried you can become a step for self-help.

  The above is not a new concept, but it is worth mentioning the moment when the donkey walks out of the dry well: it can still slink around and dash around.

  No matter how earth-shattering despair and death are, getting out of the dry well turns out to be so simple.

  If shaking off the mud to get out of the dry well is a survival instinct, then dashing and slithering is the realm of getting out of the dry well, a concept worth exploring and promoting in modern life.

  Animals can be in a desperate situation in the base of their own high, get out of trouble, then, people in the base of their own high after the miracle will be created.

  A leather merchant likes to fish, and the place he often goes is the Newfoundland fishing grounds. One winter morning, the leather merchant came to the fishery again. Perhaps because it had snowed the night before, it was very cold that day, and the wind blew in his face like a knife. The leather merchant took a lot of effort to cut a hole in the frozen sea, and then started fishing. He saw a very interesting phenomenon: the fish caught on the ice soon frozen hard, and as long as the ice does not melt, the fish after three or five days will not change the taste. Is it possible that things iced can keep fresh? The leather merchant asked himself this. He began to experiment. After many explorations, he found that not only fish could be kept fresh under frozen conditions, but other foods, such as beef and vegetables, could also do so.

  He decided to build a machine that could make food quick-frozen. The road to success is very difficult, in the process of developing the quick-freezing machine, the leather merchant suffered a lot, but he was never discouraged. Through repeated experiments and constant summing up, the leather merchant finally succeeded. He applied for a patent to the state, and sold the technology to the United States General Foods at the astronomical price of $30 million. He is the inventor of the world's first generation of refrigerators - the American Barka.

  Barka is a person who knows how to build up his own base, and this base is shown in the fact that he has an eye for discovery, and in the fact that he has the perseverance and ability to succeed. The harvest is the twin of the sowing, and Balkar finally realized his dream through his own unremitting struggle.

  To build oneself up is actually to say that one should stand taller. If you stand taller, you will not only have the privilege to appreciate the dawn of hope earlier, but also to discover the three-dimensional poetry of life. Each person's life is a word, a sentence or a punctuation in this psalm. You may not be a beautiful word, a striking sentence, an exclamation point, but you are still a syllable, a pause, an essential part of this three-dimensional psalm of life. It is enough to make you abandon your former suspicions and sprout a desire to breed a new song for humanity and bring more poetry to the world.

  The most terrible insight of life is to see the multidimensional picture of existence as a flat surface. Because, what is engraved on that plane is mostly frozen history - the relics of the past. Life can not be like some fish lying swimming, life can not be like some beasts crawling, but should stand forward, this is the human should be the survival posture.

  When basing oneself high, one restores the true face of the multidimensional survival structure of the world and life, and one will not be overwhelmed by that illusory reality caused by one's own mental distortion.

  Before the Vote

  Reform is not always reflected in the ruthless competition between people, sometimes, backing off, perhaps also a more positive aggressive.

  A few years ago, a forging and foundry production task is insufficient, facing loss dilemma, the plant for attrition and triage, the staff reduction targets are divided into workshops, teams, requiring the way to the last elimination system to compress employees.

  There are six employees in the warehouse, a clean 40-year-old female workers, they are usually united, work very well, traditionally rated as an advanced team. But these six people also share a reduction in staffing targets, to be in accordance with the last elimination system approach, by the staff to score each other, according to the score from high to low, the first five stay, the sixth was eliminated.

  The shift manager came back from the mobilization meeting of the workshop, thinking long and hard, feeling too cruel to speak to the staff. But the staff already knew, everyone said, there is always a person to go, let's vote, each person to mention one, who gets more votes who will go.

  So the team leader gave each person a piece of white paper, let everyone write the "last" that will be eliminated, that is, to go the name of the sixth person. When the team leader will open the six sheets of paper one by one, see the six different names, respectively, it turns out that each employee has written their own name, the sixth is their own. So, until the specified deadline is still late to eliminate out. At the same time, the factory manager received the resignation report submitted by the six employees. Then, all six employees went through the resignation process.

  However, the six employees did not go their own way, the day after the resignation, we gathered together again, to find a way out. They thought about it, except for the original warehouse management, we do not have other specialties, but as housewives, food shopping and cooking is a daily homework, we decided to start from their most familiar work, to run a snack bar.

  Just like the original work in the factory, together, not counting, willing to suffer, the snack bar more and more fire, the scale is getting bigger and bigger, and then one day, even merged with the factory on the verge of closing down. A few years have passed, has developed into a restaurant chain group.

  When it comes to why the "sixth" is their own, the six women workers said, just to prove that reform is not always reflected in the ruthless competition between people, sometimes, concessions, perhaps also a more positive aggressive.

  Calm and stable mind

  I have seen many people set their life goals very high, and always fail to achieve, so they become more and more discouraged, and eventually even the goal is no longer there.

  A few years ago, I was in a terrible state. At that time a friend told me that there is a moon high up, but if your goal is an apple, you don't have to fly so high. Because if your target is an apple, and you fly to 10,000 meters, then you can neither get the moon nor see the apple. For the moon, there is no difference between 10,000 meters and 0 meters, and for the apple, there is no apple tree that high.

  It was then that I concluded that one of the important ways to lead a good life was to fly at a properly reduced altitude. I have seen many people set their life goals very high, always fail to achieve them, so they become more and more discouraged, and eventually do not even have a goal.

  There is a true story: a woman has been "for sale", she has a decent career, a good educational background, and also very capable people, a promising future in front of her eyes. But she never found a suitable boyfriend, which made her very dissatisfied, she felt that at least there should be a man to love her - she has so many desirable features. She waited so long that she later began to complain that she was "too high and too low".

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