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  A rich man's dog was lost on a walk, so the rich man sent a notice in the local newspaper; a dog lost, return the person, pay an honorarium of 10,000 yuan, and a color photo of the dog filled half of the column.

  After the announcement was published, the dog was sent to a steady stream of people, but not the rich man's family. The rich man's wife said that the person who really found the dog must be too small to give the money, that is a pure Irish dog. So the rich man called the newspaper, the fee to 20,000 yuan.

  A street beggar saw the announcement at the newsstand, he immediately ran back to his kiln, because the day before he picked up a dog while napping on a park lounger, and now the dog is in the kiln where he lives tethered. Sure enough is the rich man's dog, beggar early the next morning, holding the dog out of the door, ready to go to receive 20,000 yuan honorarium. When he passed a small newspaper stand, and inadvertently saw the announcement, but the reward has become 30,000 yuan.

  The beggar and back to his kiln, the dog re-tethered there, the fourth day, the reward amount really rose again.

  In the next few days, the beggar daily browse the local newspaper advertisement column, when the reward rose to make the city's citizens are surprised, the beggar returned to his kiln. But the dog has died, because the dog in the rich man's home to eat fresh milk and roast beef, the beggar from the garbage can pick things simply can not stand.

  Oil tycoon's decision

  To create a career, you must learn to wait for opportunities, patience is the prerequisite for winning.

  After the discovery of oil in the United States Pennsylvania, thousands of people like the original gold rush to the oil fields. In time, Pennsylvania land was filled with derricks and crude oil production soared.

  Cleveland businessmen were also excited about this new business, and they elected Rockefeller, a young and talented broker, to go to the Pennsylvania crude oil fields to investigate for himself in order to obtain direct and reliable information.

  After a few days of travel, Rockefeller arrived at the oil-producing area and was shocked by what he saw: towering derricks, disorganized and crude cabins, odd-looking digging equipment and storage tanks, a pandemonium and chaos. This situation made Rockefeller somewhat frustrated, through the surface of the prosperous scene, he saw the potential crisis behind the blind mining.

  The calm Rockefeller did not rush back to Cleveland's business community to report his findings, but stayed at the American Hotel in the oil-producing region for further fieldwork. He read the market quotes in the newspapers every day, listened quietly to the accounts of the anxious and chattering oilmen, and took careful and detailed notes. He himself was very careful not to reveal any ideas.

  After a period of study, he returned to Cleveland. He advised the businessman not to invest in crude oil production, because there were 72 oil wells, producing 135 barrels of oil per day, and the demand for oil was limited, and the oil market was bound to fall, which was the inevitable result of blind exploitation.

  Sure enough, as Rockefeller expected, "those who play the pioneer make no money." As a result of the frenzy of oil drilling, oil prices fell again and again, from the original $ 20 per barrel of crude oil plummeted to only $ 10. Those pioneers of oil drilling lost one by one.

  Three years later, when crude oil plummeted repeatedly, Rockefeller thought the time had come to invest in oil, which greatly surpassed the expectations of the general public. He invested $400,000 with Clark to open an oil refinery in partnership with Andrews, an Englishman who worked in the refinery. Andrews used a new technology to refine kerosene, allowing Andrews-Clark to grow rapidly.

  By this time, Rockefeller, despite being in his early 20s, was already quite sophisticated in business. He appreciated the strategy of the marathon runners who won the championship, that is, let others take the lead and see the right moment to give him a surprise, the wisest to come later. He waited patiently and watched calmly for a while before deciding to let go of the game.

  There is always a door that will open for you

  Opportunity will not automatically find you, you must constantly and prominently highlight yourself to attract the attention of others, in order to be able to find opportunities. But the first step must be to be found, and then appreciated and trusted. Therefore, you must be brave enough to try and knock on the door of opportunity again and again, there is always a door that will open for you.

  One day, in Signo-Farrero's residence was about to hold a grand banquet, the host invited a large number of guests. Just before the banquet began, in charge of the table arrangement of the confectionery staff sent someone to say, he designed to place on the table the large dessert ornaments accidentally broken, the housekeeper was anxious.

  At that moment, one of the servants who was doing the rough work in the kitchen of the Sigourney residence approached the steward and said timidly, "If you will let me try, I think I can make another one to replace it."

  "You?" The steward cried in surprise, "Who are you that you dare to say such a big thing?"

  "My name is Antonio Canova, and I am the grandson of the sculptor Pisano." The pale child replied.

  "Can you really do it, little one?" The steward asked, incredulously.

  "If you allow me to try, I can build something to put in the center of the table." The little child began to look a little calmer.

  The servants all looked at a loss for words at this point. So the butler agreed to let Antonio try, while he watched the boy closely, watching his every move to see what he would do. The little kitchen helper did not panic and asked someone to bring some butter. In a short time, the insignificant butter in his hands into a crouching giant lion. The steward was overjoyed, his mouth opened wide in amazement, and hurriedly sent someone to put the butter shaped into a lion on the table.

  The dinner began. Guests were led to the dining room one after another. Among these guests, there are the most famous Venetian industrialists, noble princes, arrogant princes and noblemen, and discerning professional art critics. But when the guests saw the butter lion lying on the table, they could not help but praise, and they thought it was a work of genius. They could not bear to leave in front of the lion, and even forgot what the real purpose of their visit was.

  As a result, the party turned into an appreciation of the butter lion. The guests couldn't help but admire the lion in front of them, and kept asking Signo-Farrero, which great sculptor was willing to waste his genius skills on such a thing that would soon melt. Faliero also froze, and he immediately called the butler to come over and ask questions, so the butler brought little Antonio to the guests. When these distinguished guests learned that the exquisite butter lion in front of them was the work of this child made in haste, they could not help but be amazed, and the whole party immediately turned into a praise meeting for this child. The wealthy host immediately announced that he would pay for the best teacher for the child, so that his talent could be fully developed.

  Signo-Farrero did not break his word, but Antonio was not overwhelmed by the scene before him, he remained a pure, enthusiastic and honest child. He worked tirelessly and diligently, hoping to develop himself into a good sculptor under Pisano's tutelage.

  Many people may not know how Antonio made the most of his first opportunity to showcase his talent. Yet no one is unaware of the great name of the later famous sculptor Canova or that he was one of the greatest sculptors in the world.

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