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He first approached the company's personnel department and offered to provide labor for the company without compensation. He asked the company to assign him to any job, and he did it without any compensation. The company found this unbelievable at first, but since it cost them nothing and was a no-brainer, they assigned him to clean up scrap metal in the shop. For a year, James diligently repeated this simple but tiring job. In order to make ends meet, he had to go to work in the bar after work. Although he was well liked by his boss and the workers, no one mentioned the issue of hiring him.

  At the beginning of 1990, many orders were returned to the company because of problems with the quality of the products, for which the company would suffer huge losses. The company's board of directors held an emergency meeting to discuss a solution in order to save the situation, and when the meeting was halfway through, James barged into the meeting room and offered to see the general manager directly. At the meeting, James gave a convincing explanation of why the problem had arisen, and offered his opinion on the engineering problem, and then presented his own design for the product modification.

  The design was very advanced, retaining the advantages of the original machinery and overcoming the disadvantages that had arisen. When the general manager and the board of directors saw how smart the supernumerary janitor was, they asked him about his background and current status. James told the company's top decision makers what he wanted to do and, by a show of hands, was hired as the company's vice president of production technology.

  While working as a sweeper, James took advantage of the sweeper's ability to move around and carefully inspected the production situation in all departments of the company, taking detailed notes, identifying technical problems and coming up with solutions. For this reason, he spent nearly a year working on the design and made a lot of statistics, which laid the foundation for the final show.

  Find the right place where you belong

  There are thousands of roads in this world, but the most difficult one to find is the one that suits you.

  Every person should try to design themselves according to their own strengths and measure up. Determine the direction of attack according to your environment, conditions, talents, qualities, interests, etc. Do not complain about the environment and conditions, should strive to find favorable conditions; can not sit and wait for opportunities, to create their own conditions; come up with results, and get the recognition of society, things will be better. People engaged in scientific research should not only be good at observing the world and things, but also be good at observing themselves and understanding themselves. Everyone should try their best to find their own best position and find their own runway of life.

  The success of many accomplished people is due to their full understanding of their own strengths and their positioning or repositioning according to their own strengths. If you do not fully understand your own strengths, only based on their own momentary interest and ideas, then the positioning is very inaccurate, there is a great deal of blindness.

  Goethe once failed to fully understand his own strengths and set the wrong ambition to become a painter, which caused him to waste more than 20 years of time, for which he regretted very much. The American actress Holly Hunter once tried her best to avoid being positioned as a short and compact woman, and ended up taking a detour. Later, thanks to the guidance of her agent, she repositioned herself correctly according to her small size, strong personality and extremely flexible acting skills, and starred in films such as "The Piano Lesson", which won the "Palme d'Or" award at the Cannes Film Festival and the Oscar.

  There are other famous people who have achieved remarkable successes by repositioning themselves.

  Asimov was a popular science writer and a natural scientist. One morning, as he sat typing at his typewriter, he suddenly realized, "I can't be a first-rate scientist, but I can be a first-rate science writer." So he devoted almost all his energy to science writing, and finally became the most famous science writer in the world today.

  Röntgen originally studied engineering science, and under the influence of his teacher Comte, he did some physics experiments and gradually realized that this was the most suitable industry for him to do, and later he really became an accomplished physicist.

  In life, who wants to maximize their energy, but, for a variety of reasons, not what you want to do what you can do. At present, there are many people who are in positions they do not like or even hate, doing work they do not want to do, so people are unstable and fearful.

  In this case, it is better not to rush, the so-called life is actually like writing an article, when you find that the pen is not the most satisfactory words, or even a failure, then you will temporarily stop thinking about the pen, until the wonderful chapter to the tip of the pen, you may want to start another line to write again, until satisfied.

  The two sides of the knife

  Everything in the world has its dark and light sides.

  When your eyes are blinded with the color of sadness, everything you see is gray. In fact, there is nothing that cannot be passed. When you cross that river in your life, your heart will naturally be relieved. Any pain is intensified in the fantasy.

  An introverted young man, in a very short period of time, his parents died one after another, love affairs and very disappointing, career also suffered frequent setbacks, and soon by the villain ostracized, he was lost in thought. One day, he went to a store and wanted to buy a fruit knife, ready to kill all his enemies with his own gap and then kill himself.

  He asked for several knives, tried the blade again and again, and finally chose one. After paying, he was about to leave when the saleswoman suddenly stopped him and asked for the knife back. He stood there coldly, confused, watching her wrap tissue paper around the blade, wrapping layer after layer, after wrapping, she held the blade in her hand, turning the handle side toward him, handing the knife into his hand.

  "What are you doing?" He asked.

  "So that it is not easy to touch someone." The lady laughed.

  "Actually, you don't need to care so much, just sell the knife."

  "Whether the knives sold here go to peel fruit or to get blood is not a bit related to me." The lady still smiled, "But I wish all people could live better."

  He picked up the knife and walked out of the store, his heart suddenly very warm. The world was not as heartless as he thought, there were people who cared for him without any interest. Although not much, but a little is precious enough.

  That afternoon, he bought a lot of fruit, carefully using the knife to enjoy the fragrance and sweetness of the juice. He ate while shedding tears and imagining the face of that girl. If it were not for that strange girl, he and the knife would have had to change another position in the world of immortals and demons.

  Since then, this knife has become his greatest treasure to guard himself. That girl, too, became the supreme god in his life.

  The best program for success

  Pay attention to devote their energy to one goal, concentrate on it and focus on the breakthrough, which is the best scheme for their success.

  There are many people in history who have been buried, and apart from social reasons, not finding a specific career goal for which they dedicated their lives, a hammer in the east and a stick in the west, ordering melons today and planting beans tomorrow, cannot be an important reason. Successful people always focus their attention on their goals, and they often use their imagination to remind themselves where their goals are in the process of moving toward them.

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